This month I’m celebrating “the big one”….my 65th birthday!   From Medicare to cute outfits….I’m ready!  To quote one of my birthday cards: 

#1. Get plenty of exercise #2. Eat a balanced diet and #3. Lie about your age!  That being said, I decided to scrap those crazy thoughts and share my own advice on aging and what to wear…of course!  

#1. I’m pretty sure lounging counts as “plenty of exercise”.  Don’t you agree?  A beautiful kimono or caftan would be fetching for this scenario. This birthday girl thinks Anthropologie’s bird kimono is the ultimate in loungewear.  The same goes for Farm Rio’s stunning collection of maxis and caftans…ideal for “exercising!”  

Speaking of relaxing, there’s nothing like a new pair of comfy pajamas.  J Crew’s white sleep shirt with navy piping will definitely help you get a good night’s rest.  Which, by the way, is just as important as a workout.  If you need to catch some zs….consider wearing one of their adorable striped sleep masks.  And did you know Old Navy’s sleep pants come in a variety of prints?  Perfect for counting sheep! 

#2…Eat a balanced diet…at your favorite Mexican restaurant….mine just happens to be Mi Cocina!  To balance out aging anxiety, anything in animal print will make you feel young and vibrant.  So how fun are all the cute animal print outfits on our Pinterest board?  And yes, I’m partial to a green zebra print midi!  With a tiger print backpack, you will definitely add a little “grrrr” to your birthday style!  

#3…Don’t ever lie about your age….because “to everyone else, you look somewhere in the vicinity of your age and lying about it doesn’t fool anyone”.  Though, speaking of “little white lies”…cute overalls and jumpsuits paired with sandals will definitely make you look and feel at least 10 years younger.  And even better….match a pair of blue Birkenstocks to a blue tiered midi skirt.  For more stylish ideas…be sure to browse my “Age Fabulously” Pinterest board!



I think we can all agree this is the best quote on aging:  “Do not regret growing older.  It’s a privilege denied to many.”  That being said….let’s celebrate life to its fullest….in really cute age-defying outfits…of course!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest.  Contact Holley at [email protected].