Packing cubes are a genius tool for organizing your belongings in your suitcases. We first used cubes on our trip to Turkey several years ago. They come in various sizes suited to the type of garment you pack. They have them just for shirts and shoes, and others for undergarments, socks, and even bags for dirty clothes or wet swimsuits. It’s like a Tetris game organizing them in the luggage, making packing a breeze. And when you open your luggage at your hotel – it is so pretty inside!

Here are a few reasons I love them:

We needed to take a smaller bus from our charter, and our primary luggage stayed on board so the driver could take it to the hotel. However, there was a one-night stay until we reached our final destination.  Cubes easily allow you to pack essentials like underwear and two days of clothes into a smaller bag.

It makes accessing your clothing easy once you arrive. If you’re like Mr. Twist, who unpacks his belongings in the hotel dresser, you can pull the cubes out and place them in the drawers. I prefer to keep all my stuff inside the suitcase. With cubes, I know where everything is without digging through my luggage and making a big, jumbled mess.

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I found this beautiful set at one of my favorite companies, Rifle Paper Company. The Garden Party pattern includes three sizes and a laundry bag. Right now, any purchase over $50 is 20% off! They also have it in peacock, which is equally beautiful! They also have other accessories that match, like cosmetic bags, passport holders, and luggage tags. They would make great graduation gifts!

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Amazon also has affordable packing cubes. Here’s an 8-piece set for less than $20 with over 30,000 positive reviews!

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And here’s one in animal print – my favorite print of course – 8-piece set for under $14.

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