I am excited about an upcoming trip to Mexico in May with my girlfriends. I’ve already started packing, and I wanted to share what I am taking in case you need inspiration for a bathing suit.

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It’s been a while since I’ve bought myself a new bathing suit. I usually swim in my backyard pool, but since I will be sipping pina coladas by the sea, I wanted to freshen up my options. I found cute things from Target. The swimsuit brand is CupShe, which reminds me of the more expensive brand Albion Fit. I couldn’t believe how comfortable and flattering the suits were when I tried them on. You will not be disappointed in the high quality, either. Add a coverup, flip flops, sunnies, and a tote bag, and you are all set for a day by the pool or beach. I bought both suits – completely different colors, but both have adorable ruffle details, and I love the belted option. Arent the crocheted coverups adorable. You could wear a tank top or camisole under it and make it into a top with jeans or shorts.

One last thing—I strongly encourage you to wash your suits after every use. Heat, chlorine, sunscreen, and salt are rough on swimsuit fabric. A swimsuit is an investment, so to ensure you can enjoy it for seasons to come, just rinsing it in water doesn’t do it. You must wash and condition your suits with a detergent specially formulated for swimwear like SOAK, no-rinse laundry soap.

SOAK helps preserve elasticity and prevent colors from fading and fabric from stretching. You can also use it to wash delicates like bras and panties. Some suits can be washed on the delicate setting in the washer, but make sure you tuck your suit and delicates into a mesh laundry bag first, like this one from Amazon. DO NOT put your swimsuit or delicates in the dryer. Lay flat to dry completely before packing.

Pour a little soap into a travel-size bottle to take on vacation. I keep a bottle in my drawer with my swimsuits so I don’t forget to wash the suit when I am done. Here’s a helpful article on the proper care of your suit. The article recommends showering with nonchlorine water first, then getting into the pool so your suit doesn’t absorb as much as the pool’s salt and chlorine.

Where are you going this summer?