Travel is back! If you’re anything like me, then you’ve also been waiting with bated breath to travel again. Luckily, we’ve made it! After a year without practice, getting ready and executing a successful trip can seem a bit daunting. I curated a collection of travel necessities you may need to refresh and stock up on to ensure your next trip is ultra fun and easy. I included some travel and road trip essentials, new luggage (at many price points) and games for the whole family to play during the entire trip.*

While you’re in the car driving or waiting at your gate in the airport, the downtime can be crucial. You’d be such a superhero to show up locked and loaded with games and activities to keep hands and brains occupied. I love these game and activity ideas, all of which are from Amazon or Target! Guess in 10 is perfect for a road trip, where the players have hints and clues to guess one of the 50 states. I found this Travel Bingo set, where the players have to scout out vehicles or road stops in order to fill in their card.  Our Moments and Train of Thought come with cards for family conversation starters, which is super fun and special! For younger children, these Mad Libs and Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza are great choices. This Portable Travel Maze toy is another great activity for younger kids, and easy to stick into your carry-on bag.

This Car Outlet Converter allows you to plug in multiple devices to your car power source. A Backseat Car Organizer helps keep the backseat clean and organized (keep the crumbs and clutter off the floor)! Grab this Car Trash Can and install it before the drive to help keep drive-thru wrappers and chip bags in their proper place. Don’t forget to include extra water bottles, a First Aid Kit and Roadside Emergency Kit and you’re good to go!

Once you get to your destination, having games and activities on hand is always a good idea. During the slow mornings or later nights after dinner, it’s much more fun to bring out a game instead of fighting to find something the entire family wants to watch on TV. Catan is the hottest new strategy board game, where you build and barter resources in a village. You can’t go wrong with an old fashioned favorite like Monopoly, and this National Parks version feels festive for summer travel. If you’re in the market for a portable gaming system, a Nintendo Switch is perfect. It’s the most modern version of the Game Cube you played with as a kid. You can plug it in to your TV or take it with you for portable play. (P.S., this is also a great Christmas gift!) These are some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games: Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, and Just Dance 2021.

You may also need to refresh your luggage collection for your next big trip. Here are some of my favorite options at different price points. You can shop these luggage options by clicking on the image below. I love packing my soft duffel bags for a road trip, but prefer hardshell suitcases when flying. Don’t forget to pack your toiletries and makeup in a cute hanging bag for easy access and organization.

Happy Travels!

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