This is how my friend, Cindy, normally looks.   I love hanging out with her.  She’s fun-loving, kind, and we laugh about everything.   We call ourselves the “Thursday Girls” because we like to plan a day of fun once a month on Thursdays.

I’ve been battling a cold recently, and this funny story reminded me of her.  At Christmas, we hang out at her house and bake cookies for all the people we’re gifting for the holiday.  She usually feeds me something yummy for lunch and we burn a few batches of baked goods because we’re distracted with laughing.

Well, that day was a little different.  Cindy called and said she was sick with a cold.  Her head hurt, she couldn’t breathe.  What should she do to get better before her birthday wingding on Saturday.  I told her to sit tight, I’d be over in a jiff with my Netipot — just the thing that would cure her right up.

This is what Cindy looked like when she opened the door.  Girl, she needed help.

So instead of whipping up a batch of Christmas miracles…

We stood over her sink doing this…

If you’ve never used a Neti Pot, you’re missing out.  It is the BEST thing for colds and allergies.  They sell them in any drug store.  Their purpose is to rinse out your sinuses clogged with, well, mucous.  Sorry.  I said it.  I don’t like that word, either.  They are the number one best defense against sinus infections.  It’s super sexy on your desk at work.  Smile.

And I made an emergency run for this which is a must for sinus congestion.

Tip:  You can only purchase from behind the counter after presenting your photo ID, birth certificate and electric bill, swearing on the Holy Bible you won’t sell or distribute the meds to others.  I’m joking, but not really.

At 3:59 p.m. I got a report that Cindy was doing great.  I’ve saved another life.  Until tomorrow’s adventure.