epsom-salt-copyGrowing up, I always remember a box of epsom salt in our bathroom cabinet.  When my parents came to live with us, along came their trusty epsom salt.  I just thought this was an “old people” remedy and didn’t give it much thought.  After Mother died and I was going through her belongings, I put her boxes of epsom salt in the garage never giving them another thought.  I thought since Mr. Bee is 10 years older than me, he could find the salts helpful.

After a long week of work recently, I read that epsom salt — which is Magnesium Sulfate — was a great remedy for tired, achy feet.  Knowing I had a stock of it, I made myself a foot bath with a nice tub of hot water, essential oil and the salts.  I soaked my feet while I read the back of the salts box.  I have to say, my feet felt so much better afterward and I couldn’t believe all the health benefits and uses for the salts.  I found a great article on 21 Uses for Epsom Salts from Wellness Mama (always consult with your health care provider first when trying something new).


  • Simple First Aid — takes the sting out of insect bites and draws out splinters
  • Soak away tiredness and soreness
  • Soaking aid for minor sprains and bruises
  • Soothe away stress (add essential oils like lavendar to your bath water)
  • Deep clean skin and pores
  • Provides soothing relief from arthritic pain
  • Warm and comfort muscle aches
  • Use it to water your house plants and vegetables
  • You can make a homemade sea salt spray for your hair
  • Use it to get rid of slugs (I remember doing this as a kid)
  • As a laxative for the short-term relief of constipation
  • Headache relief (my doctor has me trying it for migraine relief and it has helped so far)
  • Sunburn relief
  • Great for kid’s bath time to help them get a good night sleep

Here’s why Magnesium is so good for our body…


Read here for a more detailed explanation as to why Magnesium is important in the healthy function of our bodies.  Something as simple as a $3 box of this natural mineral has so many health benefits.  I guess Mother did know best.