These are just a few of the funny things that happened this weekend as neighbor bee Cindy and her hubs, Mark, traveled with Mr. Bee and me to Canton, Texas.  The first weekend of every month, vendors of all kinds set up their wares on miles upon miles of space in this sleepy little town. 

As I was brushing my teeth the night before (many a great idea is developed from me being in the shower or brushing my teeth), I was trying to think of a way to make this field trip engaging.  I came up with the idea to have a boys vs. girls scavenger hunt.  I briefed the group over pancakes at Cracker Barrell and upon arrival in Canton off we went.

When you found the item, you had to photograph it for proof.  We had two hours to find the items then meet back up for lunch to see who had won.

1.  An orange bowl or cup

Thanks Tupperware
2.  A Cigar Store Indian
Cindy and I spotted this as soon as we entered the grounds. 
We thought for sure the boys wouldn’t see it.
Ironically, this was the first item that popped into my head while flossing. 
Apparently, they saw it too because it was the same exact photo.
3.  An oil can
The lady with one tooth remaining in her mouth said she just sold item #4, the bird cage…
#5 A Stop Sign

I had to be pretty clear with the boys that this had to be a sign for sale, not on a pole. Note:  The people in the photo were negotiating with the seller to buy ALL their mermaid decor.  Maybe they were thinking about opening a Red Lobster.

Next to last on the list, #6 a fire hydrant.  Cindy and I cheated on this one.  We said it had to be an non-working fire hydrant for sale.  Since Mr. Bee and Mark never read my blog, we’ll never be exposed.  It was a real one.  Cindy suggested we photograph it with the crap leaning against it to make it look like an antique.

Ended up we tied the game.  #7 on the list, Cotton Candy, which I thought would be plentiful in this land of trash to treasure was no where to be found.  I should have put batter dipped grilled cheese sandwiches on the list, because they were everywhere.
Along the way I did spot this treasure that I wish I purchased for my office at work…I could have put it on my desk.

We lasted until about 3 p.m., then we had to leave because our internal organs were melting.  Oh, here’s the part about the man’s prostate…

Cindy and I were walking along and a man walked in front of us with his purchase.  I noticed that the price tag fell off.  I said to Cindy, “That man’s price tag just fell off, I wonder if we should tell him?”  Cindy got this real worried look on her face and starting looking all over the ground.  I’m like “what are you doing?”  She said, “I thought you said that man’s prostate just fell out on the ground, and I was looking to see where it was!”  Oh, my gosh.  We laughed for about an hour.  I finally said, “honey, if his prostate had fallen out, I think he would have known it.”  I can just see me calling 911 and asking Cindy to “secure the prostate” until medical personnel can arrive on the scene.

There was a lady that was chit chatting with friends and her arm looked like it had just been bitten by a shark.  Cindy tried to describe it to me, because I missed it. 

Sweating and shopping can be fun.