The new year always brings new intentions and a re-set to formulate new plans and focus on healthy habits.  Here’s my stack of reading for January – including two new to me journals.

Flower Magazine:

My sister got me started on this gorgeous magazine. Each issue focuses on decorating inspiration, easy entertaining ideas, breathtaking gardens, and amazing floral centerpieces. This magazine is a treat with a good cup of hot tea! For a limited time, you can subscribe for an entire year for only $10!  Click here to subscribe!

The Galveston Diet

I am a BIG fan of Dr. Mary Claire Haver and purchased her book The Galveston Diet in 2022, but admittedly I did not read it. The timing of the book for me was before I started experiencing post-menopausal symptoms. I follow her on social media and she has a free community here called the Pause Life. Dr. Haver has a new book, The New Menopause releasing in May 2024 a comprehensive, authoritative book of science-backed information to help you thrive during the hormonal transition and beyond.

Time and again, Dr. Mary Claire Haver’s patients asked, “Why is the scale moving in the WRONG direction when I haven’t changed my eating habits?” At first Dr Haver, a practicing OB/GYN, dutifully advised what she’d been taught in medical school: eat less and work out more. But that standard advice didn’t solve the problems caused by perimenopause and menopause because back then, she—and so many other doctors—hadn’t taken into account the physiological factors affecting women. They tend to store fat, they can have a hard time accessing that stored fat as active fuel, and their hormonal fluctuations in midlife exacerbate the situation. Then, Dr. Haver found herself in this exact predicament with the added issues of low energy, hot flashes, and brain fog. So she set out to develop a nutrition program that would meet her and her patients’ needs once and for all.

In the coming year, I am focusing on maintaining a healthier for me weight and learning how the benefits beyond just relieving hot flashes that hormone replacement therapy can afford me in heart, bone, and vaginal health.  I look forwarding to sharing with you what I learn.

Well to the Core

Robin Long, certified Pilates instructor and founder of Lindywell, is on a mission to help you reclaim your health, your fitness, and your body. In Well to the Core, Robin shares ten core components of an effective and realistic approach to healthy and balanced living, a grace-over-guilt mindset to release shame and develop helpful habits in every season of life, how breath, nature, rest, and play can improve your quality of life, and exclusive Pilates workouts, mindfulness exercises, and deliciously crafted recipes to nourish your mind, body, and soul. I really like her gentle approach and the QR links to workouts.

Commit30 Journals

I purchased two topic-specific journals to track my journey in fitness and joyful living in 2024. Commit30 offers an extensive line of journals with free printables, stickers, and digital planning. The Commit30 Fitness Journal helps you focus on movement, health, nutrition, mindfulness & motivation one day at a time. The Joy & Gratitude Journal Perfect will help me build a routine for beginning my day with a gratitude list and ending the day by noting the day’s delights and joys.

Watch for another book surprise I’m sharing soon!  Happy New Year!