I recently listened to a podcast that mentioned life is separated into three acts. Act one is birth to your 30s, act two is between 30s-60s, and your third, and final act, is life after 60. At fifty-seven years young, I am approaching my third act and I think it’s going to be my best one so far!

After twenty-five years at my beloved TCU, I announced my retirement. I, like many others, took stock of my life during COVID. When we were still and quiet at home I realized how much I’d enjoyed spending time with myself. I liked the work, life, balance the pandemic forced me to embrace.  I will admit I had it easier than many people. I had no littles underfoot to homeschool; mommas I have huge respect that you had to pivot between teaching and working.  I had a supportive boss who told us our physical and mental health mattered more than our work. I didn’t have to worry about my employment status (I did a little at first, but thankfully TCU’s mission was to keep everyone employed as long as they could).

I used the time while working from home to double up on my classes to finish my Master’s degree. I also began my journey in Pilates. Trying to finish my graduate degree a year in advance was stressful, but my consistent four to five days a week Pilates helped release that stress. I could feel, with each breath, the release of negative energy and anxiety while filling my lungs with fresh air and renewal.  Working from home gave me a renewed passion for my job.  I felt my creativity was less hampered because I wasn’t being pulled into a dozen directions. When I woke each morning, my commute was up the stairs to my home office.  I sipped my coffee in my tiffany blue office among all my treasures.  After the start of my day, I’d work for a bit, then take a walk. Come home, work a bit, and do laundry. Do you see where I am going? I became more in tune with how long my brain can take in and push out data. After a short break of folding towels or taking Hazel for a walk, I could go back to my desk and be more productive. When my workday ended, I taught virtual cooking classes which were such fun and a great way to connect women with each other over our love of cooking and baking.

I have loved every minute of my role at TCU producing events for alumni, in particular our senior adults. I made so many sweet connections and meaningful relationships over the last twenty-five years, and sadly, many of my dear friends died during our COVID lockdown. Once it was safe to return to the “real” office, I reflected on the last year and a half and concluded I am at my best self when I can be creative on my terms. I have many young, talented colleagues eager to try new things, so what better time than now to let them soar as I take flight for my new adventure. Leaving my precious work family will be bittersweet and the closer I get to March 25 the more melancholy I become. I know I leave my legacy of building strong programming in good hands. Good news – I can return as a guest now for all the fun Golden Frogs programming once I reach that magical age!

The Trellis House Bed & Breakfast

I’ve blogged before about our travels to the most beautiful place on earth – Ogunquit, Maine.  You can read here and here and see the stunning photos of The Trellis House Properties. My husband and I not only fell in love with Ogunquit but also the couple who run it Laurence and Glen and their furry, four-pawed son Bentley. They truly made us feel like family – as they do for each of their guests. I often teased them after each stay that I might like to come to help them for a bit during a season. Calling my bluff, I think, they called me in January and after several hours of talks and a week of praying about it and talking it over with my family – I took the leap and said, yes to moving to Maine to help them run their newest addition the Blue Shutters Inn & Studios.

Laurence’s Trellis House Cookbook

I head to Maine at the end of this month with my husband where I will spend six weeks learning everything there is to know about innkeeping. We will return for a quick trip home to watch our beautiful, 4.0 smart daughter graduate from TCU, then I will fly back solo to Maine and remain there until early November. I am pinching myself that God has blessed me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a 100-year old home on the ocean and practice my spiritual gift of making people feel loved and special. I can’t wait to make new friends, learn all about this part of the country, develop new recipes and cocktails, garden, host gatherings, and clean toilets with style and finesse! I am so very grateful to my new employers, Laurence and Glen, for taking a chance on me and trusting me to help them grow their business.

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