Bringing you a fun idea for kicking off the weekend!  This week we will dish on fitness wear. I don’t like to spend a lot on my workout wear, but I do want it to fit properly and make me feel good when I am wearing it.  I especially don’t want to be constantly tugging and pulling up my pants. Also, if I have to dash to an appointment or run errands after leaving the gym, I want to look stylish.  I’m sharing a few outfits from Old Navy Active.   They have wear for all kinds of activity — running, gym and studio and it’s my #1 source for purchasing new workout wear.


I have these Go Dry Compression Capri leggings and they are really comfortable.  The fit is slightly below the waist, but I feel like they hold everything in.

You can wear this with a pink, navy, green or black tank making it very versatile to go with other tops you may have already.


But, if you wanted to pick up a tank to go with the pants, I love graphic tees.  And, this one is adorable.


And, to finish the look this hoodie comes in pink, turquoise and black.  It’s lightweight, soft and not bulky so it’s perfect to put over your tank.  I took Miss Bee to the movies after a workout this week and the hoodie came in handy because the theater was freezing.



I think it is so important to feel pretty when you work out.  Don’t just put an over sized t-shirt over black leggings.  How can you see how beautiful your body is, or the definition in your arms you are working hard for if you are covering it all up?  If you want to feel dynamite on the inside, you also need to project that same image on the outside!