I have always had a crush on Drew Barrymore.  Her movies are so endearing, especially Never Been Kissed (great chick flick to watch with your teen).  Every time I see her interviewed she is positive, articulate and thoughtful.  She’s a new mom, with another baby on the way.  And, she has launched a pretty line of cosmetics called Flower Beauty at Walmart.  I have tried several of her products and not only are they high quality, but they are super affordable.

She just released her new book Find it in Everything.  In it she shares her photographs of the heart-shaped objects and patterns she has come across over the past ten years.  Her personal collection of photographs are simple, sweet and would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  In the preface of her book she talks about how she believes her fondness for heart-shapes came from when she was a little girl starring in the movie E.T. — his heart would glow from inside just at the moment E.T. felt happiness.  Drew says the heart shows no negativity.  It’s an international symbol of love.

I hope you will share it with someone you love.