Three areas in my home that I constantly battle with:

1.  My kitchen “office supply” drawer
2.  My wrapping paper/gift bag/tissue paper containers
3.  Miss Bee’s dresser top

This counseling session deals with the kitchen drawer…

I had already taken out one tray of assorted writing utensils…but I noted above the random things that somehow make their way into the drawer…silly putty…a non-working flash light…the solution that you put into water to make it fish friendly (I don’t own a fish), and a plastic mouse.

Here is the contents of the entire drawer on my kitchen counter

See the cute little containers?  I was standing in Office Depot one day with Miss Bee.  She loves office supplies.  I was staring at the clearance section and decided I needed to figure out some way to make these little guys work in my house.  I already had Rubbermaid dividers in the drawer that I planned to keep and use as well.

I purged everything that was non-essential.  I decided that I really didn’t need 500 pens and pencils.  So, I just picked 6 of each and put them back in the drawer.

Here’s the after:

The great thing about these little boxes is they are stack able.  I have three boxes each stacked on either side of each other.  I  used my label maker to mark the contents.  Things like paper clips, safety pins, binder clips, match books and thumb tacks.

One box has glue, tape, Emory boards and markers.  The box at the back has small tools like a screwdriver, scissors, a hole puncher, and pliers.  The final boxes have pens, pencils, tape measures, and gum.

I feel better now.  Coming soon:  How I tackle Miss Bee’s dresser debacle and my gift wrap storage issues all in one exercise.  The most dramatic organizing episode ever.