*Bringing back this post from the summer of 2017 when Mr. Bee returned home to his native England for a visit with family. Sadly, Uncle Des passed away in 2019 from COVID.

Mr. Bee is visiting his family in England for the next several weeks.  His sweet Auntie Nan died and he wanted to go home to see his family since they will all be together for Nan’s funeral.  Nan lived a long life with her beloved Des who will be 91 in June when they would have also celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.  I’ve been enjoying the photos Mr. Bee has been sharing with me and I thought you would too.


Here is Mr. Bee with his Uncle Des.  I think this is how Mr. Bee will look when he’s 91 because Des favored my father-in-law.  Except, Mr. Bee inherited the tall genes from his maternal Grandfather.  You can tell by the way they are dressed that it is still cool in England.  Highs of 65, lows in the 40s — my kind of weather.  Look how lush their backyard is!

This is the Bed and Breakfast where he is staying — The Hillcrest in Earls Barton near Wellingborough. It’s within walking distance of Earls Barton Village with a church, pubs, museums, and shopping.

View from his bedroom window

A traditional English breakfast

He’s been able to tour some local sites…  This is Fatheringay Church which has ties to Richard III and is next to the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was executed.

This is Peterborough Cathedral where Mary Queen of Scots was initially buried.

And you cannot visit England without stopping for local fare such as Roast Beast with Yorkshire pudding and a glass of pub beer.

This is one of the oldest Saxon churches in England dating back to the mid 900’s.  Note the quintessential “Saxon tower” as opposed to a “Norman tower.”  The church is now called All Saints.

And, on his walk, he couldn’t resist sending me a photo of a local beehive…

And his last photo of the day was from boxes Mr. Bee is going through from his parent’s belongings at his brother’s home.

It’s not every day you see your grandmother feeding a pig with a bottle. These were Mr. Bee’s mother’s parents and their friends from Australia. I hope little piggy wasn’t the next course on the menu…

I’ll share more photos with you soon!