I start listening to Christmas music on November 1 each year. I just like the way it makes me all happy inside.  Growing up I played tunes on our HiFi stereo console.  It looked like a table, but you lifted the lid to access all the equipment and the slot for the albums.  I cranked that baby up, especially on Christmas morning.

I’m sharing some classics and new tunes that I like to listen to…

Christmas wouldn’t be without:

Anything from Johnny Mathis or Andy Williams like…It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Marshmallow World.

Amy Grant’s Tennessee Christmas and Breath of Heaven

Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song

Brenda Lee Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Vince Guaraldi — Famous for Charlie Brown Christmas Time is Here (if you’ve never googled Vince he was a pretty cool cat).

The Carpenters Merry Christmas Darling.  I used to think this was about romantic love.  But, now when I am missing my parents it could easily be a song about anyone you are longing for at Christmas.

Stevie Wonder Someday at Christmas.

Pink Martini — all of their stuff is awesome if you want a jazzy track for background music at your Christmas cocktail party.

Michael Buble — His Christmas album is fab (well, hello, Mr. Buble).  I love his rendition of Santa Baby from a guy’s perspective.

Mary Did you Know?  I prefer the version by Kenny and Wynona, but Pentatonix will do.

Sarah McLachlin her Christmas album is stunning.

Sleigh Ride — Barbra Streisand.  Although this could border on one’s nerves if you are really stressed (see the first song on the “Oh, no you Don’t” list).

George Winston December.  Beautiful piano music for a night by the fire.

Paul and Paula – Holiday for Teens circa 1963.  LOVED playing this when I was little.  And, I loved it that my Sister Bee was also named Paula.  If you don’t know what I am talking about listen to their holiday hootenanny here.

This photo makes me LOL.  Hostess Barbie looks ticked at the fellow on the sofa.  He’s either being too chatty with Midge and Skipper’s cousin from Atlanta, Skeeter, or he’s had one too many Corona and ate the garnish off the crudite tray.   Nevertheless, I thought it was the perfect pic for what my face looks like when the following songs are played.

“Oh, no you Don’t” songs that make me crazy.  I hope we can still be friends if you see one of your faves on here.  If you wrote the score or lyrics, first, thank you for reading my blog.  Second, I apologize.  It’s not you, it’s me.

Mannheim Steamroller  Carol of the Bells— DRIVES ME TO THE BRINK. Seriously, if you need more stress added to the 10-foot long to-do list for the next nine days — listen to this.

Any version of Carol of the Bells — it starts out nice, but the over and over RING, RING, RING, RING, RING makes me want to RING my hands then someone’s neck.

Madonna and Britney Spears — Santa Baby.  Ick.  I cannot stand it when singers make their voices sound like babies or Jennifer Tilly from The Bride of Chuckie.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.  No words.  Just don’t play it.  This was probably written by the same person that invented the talking bass fish on the wall as seen on TV.  Oh, and add a side order of I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  Peace out.

Little Drummer Boy.  I’m sorry.  I know this is a classic and the boy even had his own animated Christmas show in the 60’s, but I cannot stand Pa, Rum pum pum pum.  Over and over again.  I heard Jennifer Nettle sing it recently and it sealed the deal.  Done.

Christmas Shoes.  I know this is supposed to elicit feelings of appreciation for what you have, but it only makes me depressed.  After the first chorus, just give the kid the darn shoes and a candy cane, open another lane, and move the shopping line along would ya.’

Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey.  I don’t understand why he has to be Italian.  But, nevertheless, it’s terrible.  As well as Nuttin’ for Christmas. I’m giving you nuttin’ for Christmas because this song is awful.

And I’m finishing the 2016 list with 8 Days of Christmas from Destiny’s Child.  OMG. “You know Christmas was made for chi’ren.  My baby gave to me a pair of Chloe sandals, a belly ring, a cropped jacket and dirty denim jeans (escusze me?), quality T-I-M-E, he make me feel so in la-la-la-la-la love, then finish with about 90 choruses of repeating “doesn’t it feel like Christmas.”  No. It does na na na na na not.  Because you just ruined it.

And to all a good night.