So I have to ask….where did our style standards go?  I know you know what I’m talking about.  You put on a cute outfit for a night out on the town….only to be accompanied by someone who lost their sense of style.  

Hopefully, your partner isn’t one of those people.  But if they are, please recommend this style tip:  A man should dress to complement his date.  For example…if you are wearing a cute summer sundress, your guy could match you by wearing khaki pants or shorts with a long-sleeved shirt (tucked or untucked) and sleeves rolled up.  How easy is that?

If you are going to a dinner party or an upscale restaurant…no shorts allowed, gentlemen.  So let’s pretend you are wearing an off-the-shoulder Tiffany blue maxi dress.  And of course, you wouldn’t be caught dead without an adorable woven clutch from Bergdorf Goodman!  This is when your man should tuck-in his shirt with slacks or jeans….no socks.  And it wouldn’t kill him to wear a flashy blazer…just saying.

So here’s the deal….it doesn’t take that much effort to have a polished look….right?  And besides that….someone needs to start setting a standard.  So, I’m nominating you!  One way to do that is by hosting a party (with 10 people or less)…that way, you can dictate the dress code.  And don’t say, “come casual” because there are way too many opinions on what casual is.  Maybe say something like:  dress attire is “casual chic” or “summer preppy!”  

My idea of “casual chic” attire is pretty much a cute Tuckernuck summer dress.  Hopefully, you will be partying on a patio somewhere this summer (keeping my fingers crossed it’s at Joe T’s)!  A maxi dress is perfect for this scenario, and we’re smitten with Tuckernuck’s pink iris dress…so fun and flowy!  For a complementary look… we suggest your man wear shorts with a J McLaughlin linen polo or long-sleeved linen shirt.


For a “summer preppy” look, anything from J Crew is the ideal for both of you.  J Crew’s tassel dress in a confetti floral paired with a Mark and Graham monogrammed tote has “preppy style” written all over it.  To channel your Nantucket spirit, wear a green and white striped linen dress with white strappy sandals, and add a wicker bag….of course!  To dress your guy up a tad, ask him to drape a sweater over his shoulders….and good luck with that one!

Oh my goodness….look at you and your date “setting the standard”!  Well, bless your hearts!