What does a cup of coffee, a puppy, and a glass of wine have in common? Trust me, this is not a joke.  For me, they are “treasured” accessories that complement all my outfits!  And, if I lived in Paris, I would add a loaf of bread and a beret to my list.

You are probably wondering how a cup of coffee, puppies, and a glass of wine are fashionable.  I have to admit all three of these are “real life” accessories that bring me joy.  And please know, substitutions are accepted. For instance, your treasured accessories might be a cup of tea, a precious kitten, and a martini straight up!

If you think about it, what you wear and what you love are part of your everyday life.  Whether you are walking your dog, meeting a friend for a cup of coffee or at a fabulous wine bar, ya gotta get dressed.  Right?

 “Coffee Mama” is the name of one of my treasured Pinterest boards.  Even before I was allowed to drink coffee, I would run across the street to my grandmother’s house after school to join her and her friends for coffee.  My grandmother lovingly called them “the drinkers”!  Back in those days, some of the ladies came directly from bridge club, and they were dressed to the nines!  

My favorite “drinker” was Ma-Maw’s best friend, Mattie.  Mattie always wore a beautiful Chanel-inspired tweed suit (jacket, blouse, skirt, and a lot of costume jewelry), and she smoked.  Remember the days when people actually smoked inside?  Well, I decided it was my job to supply Mattie with a matching ashtray.  If Mattie was wearing a blue suit, I would bring her a blue ashtray, a pink suit was complemented by a pink ashtray, etc.  Those are memories I will cherish forever!

But times have changed, and today when I meet a friend for coffee I’m usually dressed casual. Anything from workout clothes to jeans are my go-to outfits when I meet with my “drinkers”!  Even though it may be a casual meeting at Starbucks or Corner Bakery, it’s still a fashion opportunity and a great way to wear a cute outfit while catching up with a friend.

 “Puppy Love” is another cherished Pinterest board dedicated to our 14 year old English bulldog, Hank Williams Junior.  So, are you wondering how do dogs and fashion coordinate?  Sitting in a park in New York is one of my favorite places to watch people…what they wear and the dogs they walk.  An actual dog walker with five or more dogs on a leash is extremely entertaining.  

But my favorite people and dog watching experiences are watching fashionistas walking their dogs or carrying their precious pup in a designer tote or even pushing them in a puppy carriage.  The only thing that can top that off is when a precious puppy is wearing an adorable outfit!  FYI: Unfortunately, Junior is not into fashion.  

 My all-time favorite people/pet watching experience was at Nordstrom’s in San Francisco in the early 90s.  A lady walked in the department store with her pet pig on a pink leash….which by the way matched her pink ensemble!  That was a real life fashionista/pet sighting I will never forget!

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 And then there’s my “Wine Time” board…fashionable ladies spending time with family and friends, sharing stories, and always adorned with a wine glass.  My “wine time” is that part of the week (or day) when my husband and I wind down.  If I’m meeting a friend at a classy bar for a glass of wine, then it definitely becomes a fashion opportunity for me.  

And if you are pondering, what’s the best time to drink a glass of wine, may I suggest the Kate Spade wine and dine watch? Besides that, I’m pretty sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!  For inspiration, take a look at all the beautiful pictures on my “Wine Time” Pinterest board!  

But more than the place or the drink, it’s all about the people and puppies I spend time with…because without a doubt, they are my favorite accessories! And to that, I would like to make a toast…“May life bring you great joy and treasured accessories…of course”!!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].