Holley is in the house today, taking bets that you will love this post for what to wear to Vegas.  Fun Fact: There are no clocks in Las Vegas Casinos…

Several years ago we took our youngest son to Vegas for his birthday. While waiting in a cab line one night, I mentioned to him that I observed how “underdressed” so many of the women were.  That’s when he informed me that some people have a “Vegas wardrobe.”  “A what,” I asked?  He explained that some people have a whole separate wardrobe they wear out at night to party!  Who knew?

Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I love to go to Vegas…
  2. and though I don’t have a “Vegas wardrobe,” I do think it’s fun to spice things up (a little)!

These ladies have classy Vegas style!

Everyone has heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Right? But my favorite saying was from a lovely church lady who left this world way too soon.  To quote Peggy (insert Mississippi accent):  “There are times in life when you might just have to move your salvation to the side!”  Is that awesome or what?  I think a Vegas wardrobe could fall in this category!!!  All kidding aside, if I could get a message across to women it would be this…dressing with class and having sex appeal are really the same thing!  A good example of this is the photo of a group of Ft. Worth ladies who recently took on Vegas with style and class!


Are you wondering….what would Holley suggest you wear in Vegas?  Let’s start with going to a Vegas show or dinner. It’s the norm these days to see people at dinners and shows wearing jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Even though that’s not exactly stylish, the only thing worse is looking like a “floozy” (the only bad word I ever heard my grandmother say).  Here are some ideas and options that will give your Vegas look an updated vibe and keep you from being “hit on” for the wrong reasons.

For going out to bars, dinner and shows, one option is to wear black skinny jeans or a pair of wide-leg pants with a blazer, sequined top or flowy blouse, heels, and an evening bag. Think about all the textures that are in style….sequins, velvet, metallic, faux fur, animal print, etc.   These textures are “the spice” I was talking about.

If you are going to wear stilettos, make sure you can walk and stand in them for a long time. Another great look for a night-out in Vegas is leather pants or sequined pants complemented by a faux fur or leather jacket. Metallic pants were a fun party look during the holiday season. Why not repurpose them into your Vegas wardrobe?  And if you dare to go to a “happening” bar or dance club, get ready for the best style watching…ever!!!

All that glitters

If you plan to spend some time at the slots or blackjack table, be sure to take a light sweater, jacket, blazer, or wrap to drape over your shoulders because it can be very cold in the casinos. The casino floor is where you will want to wear your jeans, t-shirts, sneakers or flat boots and don’t forget a cross body bag.  I recently saw some great options for travel bags at DSW. There are a lot of shopping opportunities in Vegas, and again, comfortable shoes are your best bet for walking and shopping all day. Thank goodness there are so many cute sneakers options to choose from.  Be sure to check out the Forum Mall at Caesar’s Palace and the Fashion Show Mall across the street from The Wynn.  For high-end shopping, The Shops at Bellagio and the Wynn Esplanade are over the top!

Gold sneakers: A sure sign of good luck!

Besides the casinos, dining out, shows, and shopping you may want to spend some time pool-side.  With a great fitting swimsuit, you will want to bring a cute cover-up or pool-side lounging outfit, sunshades, a hat, a good book, and a lot of sunscreen.  Holley’s options for a pool-side look would be a maxi-length wrap or skirt worn over a bathing suit.  For a lounge look, a pair of flowy pants, white shirt tied at the waist, and of course sunshades.  Just be sure to find a chair or cabana in the shade.  A definite “don’t” is to wear the hotel robe to the pool.  Even though you may see dozens of people doing that, please know hotel robes are for the room.  Oops…and don’t forget to order a delicious fruity drink with an umbrella in it!  

Holley’s Pool Side Essentials…

It’s not referred to as “Sin City” for nothing…

Gone are the days of Elvis, Liberace, and the Rat Pack, but the Vegas life style is still alive and well.  Whether you are going there for a girl’s weekend or a short vacay with the hubby, the main thing is to look classy. And be sure to think about adding a little spice because you never know when “you might just have to move your salvation to the side!”

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