What’s more comfy and cozy than a soft sweatshirt or sweater?  If you said “nothing”, then I say, “Great minds think alike”!  

 So a few things I’m loving about this season’s sweatshirts and sweaters:

…They are oversized and can be dressed up or down.

…and they add personality to any ensemble.  

It looks like “logo-mania” is on-trend these days.  A Gucci logo sweatshirt worn under an oversized fur coat with jeans was definitely a show stealer at fashion week.  And even super model, Kendal Jenner, got in on the action wearing her GG sweatshirt under a red blazer with black patent pants.

Urban definition of logo-mania: The obsession of having things bearing a high branded logo.

Mrs. Twist (Home with a Twist blogger) loves printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, which show her fun personality.  I think she would look adorable in a sweatshirt that reads, “I have issues” or the one that reads “Nap Queen”….all she needs to add are jeans and converse sneakers.  BTW….what does your sweatshirt say about you?

Mrs. Twist Approved Apparel

Typically, you think of wearing a sweatshirt hoodie with jeans.  But have you ever thought about taking your hoodie to a party?  I plan to dress up my hoodie-style this winter by pairing a pink velour hoodie with a shimmery pleated black midi skirt, and booties….sounds like it’s party time!  

For a classic look, wear a camel trench coat over a hoodie.  We are loving pencil skirts paired with collegiate sweatshirts. Such a great way to cheer on your team and a fun look for a casual Friday.

Just like a fast food order, some of today’s sweaters are supersized! And nothing is more slimming than a supersized turtle-neck sweater worn with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans.  An oversized sweater worn with white jeans and brown boots is great for our Texas winter weather.  And a classic look we adore is an oversized camel turtleneck worn with a black leather skirt.  To give your sweater an additional on-trend look, be sure to half-tuck it!  Be sure to check out our Pinterest board with all kinds of ideas – updated each week just for our readers!

If you plan to purchase a new sweater this season, think about either flared sleeves, or sleeves with ties, or ruffles.  A light blue sweater with ties and a mauve flared sleeve sweater worn with white jeans is perfect for now and early spring.  We are also loving the white ruffled Banana Republic sweater worn by one of my favorite style-influencers, Alicia Wood, the Lush List blogger.  

 (On a side note….Alicia is my cousin and was the flower girl in our wedding.  Be sure to Google her amazing blog and Instagram (The Lush List…Dallas Lifestyle Blogger)! 

Any way you look at it, besides keeping you warm and cozy, sweatshirts and sweaters will definitely up your style game this winter and spring!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].