Spring transition is that time of year we change from one state of condition to another.  In Texas that means it is 30 degrees one day and 70 degrees the next day.

So, two things you need to know about me:

  1. By the first of March…I’m done with cold/warm weather…
  2. …but obviously no one put me in charge of climate change.

Totally “in” trenched

How do I deal?  With a fashion transition…of course!  So, let’s get started by asking the big question….What would Holley wear to transition into spring?  The first way I like to start is with a change of color.  Whether it’s below freezing or 70 degrees, adding pastels to my wardrobe is a big boost to my spring state of mind.  One of my favorite spring hues is blue.  A really fun way to transition is with a floral applique’ denim jacket or with a long denim coat.  From jeans to jackets, these pieces have springtime written all over them. A look I love from Talbot’s is a blue quarter length coat worn over a camel sweater with white denim ankle pants.  And when someone asks you what time it is, be sure to take a look at your Olivia Burton blue watch.  Then say, “it’s almost springtime!”  

Of course, I will still need to wear a coat and jacket most days (or at least in the morning and evening).  This is when I bring out my black leather jacket, and pair it with a skirt in a spring hue.  The whole idea is to take a piece, like a leather jacket from your winter wardrobe, and carry it over to the next season.  And don’t forget to top off a black and white striped dress or skirt with a black leather jacket.  

No mellow yellow here

Another look I love is a trench coat in a camel or pastel color.  This is a classic look that can go casual or be worn to the office or a meeting.  

On Wednesdays Holley wears pink…

What inspires a spring and summer wardrobe more than the color white? The good news is you can wear your white jeans all year long and do not have to wait until spring and summer.  A look I love is a pair of white jeans with a grey t-shirt, topped with a yellow jacket.  Speaking of yellow, don’t you think a yellow raincoat and rain boots are the perfect combo for this time of year?  If so, I hope you are ready to make a splash!

eight ways to wear white jeans

Though floral patterns work year round, the spring florals are more abundant than ever.  What shouts spring transition louder than a floral coat?  There are so many options to choose from.  One of my favs on our Pinterest board is a Valentino black floral coat worn with a pair of black jeans, tunic top, and black knee boots.  Sounds luxurious…right?  Just be willing to spend a little time online or in stores to find the perfect knock off.  Banana Republic and Ann Taylor are good places to start and be sure to check out ASOS online.   I’m also in love with floral pants and skirts. Just add a blouse, a bomber or jean jacket, and the next thing you know….you will look as fresh as a bouquet of flowers. 

Maybe you are like me and have mostly solid and neutral colors in your winter wardrobe.  Don’t fret, because it’s easy to give your neutrals a spring time lift with a pop of color.  Do you own a handbag in a bright color?  If not, I challenge you to purchase one new handbag in a spring color to brighten up your transition wardrobe.  Or, think about a scarf, because let’s not kid ourselves….there are days it will still be very cold out, and there is nothing like a beautiful scarf that says….”move over old-man winter, I’m in charge now!”

Since the weather is so hit and miss this time of year, you will want to mainly stick with closed-toe shoes.  Think about adding a pair of colorful loafers or flats to your wardrobe.  And don’t forget to take advantage of the fashion sneaker trend.  For years, working women in New York wore sneakers with their office attire to and from work.  And now the designers have made it an “all-day” look.  Makes sense…right?  

No loafing around

Are you starting to get Spring Fever?  I hope so because by adding a few bright and pastel colors to your wardrobe you will be ready to knock out the winter doldrums.  

All of these inspiring touches of spring are featured on our updated Pinterest board.  Be sure to check it out!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].