Are you fierce…in a fashionable way?  Here’s the Urban Dictionary’s definition of fierce:  “A person who can turn the heads of everyone around them.”  

Example:  Tyra Banks said to strike a pose and make it fierce!

So, two things:

…Fierce does not have an age limit (Thank God),

…and you do not have to be a super model to be fierce (Thank God…again)!

Alrighty then…let’s get down to business and talk about how to give yourself an updated and fierce new look!

Another word for fierce is “powerful”.  Who remembers the power suit from the 80’s?  The good news is they are back in style but with a twist…of course!  Instead of a jacket, think about wearing a long vest over your blouse and slacks.  Just roll your sleeves up, and you will be ready to get down to business.  

Another trendy look is to replace your slacks with culottes.  Don’t you just love it when you discover your professional wardrobe can be just as stylish and hip as your casual wardrobe?  

Besides being powerful, fierce style is also “gutsy”!  If you are gutsy, you show courage and spirit, and a fashionable way to do that is with an off the shoulder top.  This look continues to be popular, and what’s gutsier than giving the cold shoulder to your winter style?    

A party look I love on our Pinterest board shows an off the shoulder top worn two ways…with wide leg pants or with leather skinny pants.  And a one shoulder sculpted blouse paired with a metallic skirt and outlandish butterfly heels is beyond fierce!   

A beautiful pink cold-shoulder blouse trimmed in pearls would be perfect for a holiday party.  All you need to add is a pink bracelet from Kendra Scott, and a pair of blush earrings from Anthropology.  BTW…if you are really feeling gutsy, add a pearl clutch!

There’s nothing like bringing fierce intensity” to the game with animal print.  Every fall, I like to add one new animal print piece to my wardrobe. And this season my purchase was a maxi skirt.  It looks adorable worn with a sweater, jean jacket, and booties, or I can keep it simple with a pull-over sweater.  

But maybe you are considering taking the intensity up a notch! Then think about adding an animal print coat.  You can go casual by wearing it with jeans, or dress it up with slacks and a blouse.  I’m loving style star, Jenna Lyon’s, street style ensemble with green culottes, metallic heels, and her fabulous leopard print coat.  Sounds like extreme fierceness…right!  

For me being fierce means “go bold or go home”, and the metallic trend is definitely over the top bold!  My contribution to this trend will be a pair of cuffed jeans worn with silver metallic pumps and my metallic Coach handbag.

So, here’s a “bold” question.  Would you dare wear a pair of gold or silver metallic pants or how about a metallic maxi skirt? Both of these would be perfect for a holiday party.  And speaking of bold, I’m waiting for the gold metallic puffer jacket from American Eagle to go on sale…can’t wait!  Be sure to take a look at all of the bold looks on our Pinterest board.

A look I love on our board is a pair of boyfriend jeans, oversized sweater, and silver pumps.  And for extra boldness, think about incorporating a pair of metallic boots into your wardrobe.  Bold and fierce!

With your “powerful, gutsy, intense, and bold” new style, I’m pretty sure you will need to heed Tyra’s advice.  “Strike a pose, and make it fierce”.  Because you will definitely be turning the heads of everyone around you!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].