Don’t you love it when fashion magazines show how a movie star or model wore an outfit compared to how a “real” person wears it?

 So, two things about my style:

… A lot of the pictures I post on my Pinterest board are actually clothes and accessories I do wear,

… and even better, they give me inspiration and are looks I love to copy.

So, let’s get started!  I love pleated midi skirts, and my two favorites are from H&M.  One is mauve and one is black.  The mauve skirt was my go-to outfit for a summer wedding and the Cliburn Competition in June.  This fall, I will copy a Pinterest look and wear it with a black blouse, black leather jacket, black heels, and a vintage handbag.  

With the black pleated skirt, I copied a few outfits on our Pinterest board. One shows a pleated skirt worn with a white t-shirt, silver metallic flats or heels, and a denim jacket.  And for a really dressy look, you can always go all black….skirt, blouse or sweater, tights, and booties.  Don’t you love it when you see an ensemble in a magazine or on Pinterest and realize…“Wow, I can create that exact look with the clothes in my closet”?

I love Jennifer Aniston’s effortless style.  Be sure to check out her looks on our Pinterest board.  There are a few of her looks I will definitely be copying this fall.  In both photos she is wearing a pair of army green pants.  One is worn with a long grey sweater, and the other is complemented with a black blazer.  The good news is I have a pair of army green pants, a long grey sweater, and a black blazer in my closet.  Woo hoo!   

The changes I will make are with the shoes and handbag.  For my shoe options, I will either wear a pair of Italian-made Brunate loafers or a pair of suede block heels by Sam Edelman.  I will carry a vintage bag I purchased in Carmel a few summers back…a HCL black and brown bucket bag. The only way you can purchase one now is by searching the internet. Doesn’t that make you want to shop vintage?

My black and brown Goyard tote has proven to be perfect for all seasons and so versatile.  This fall, one of the looks I am copying from Pinterest is a pair of white jeans, long sleeved sweater, puffer vest, and Goyard tote.

One of my favorite Pinterest picks is a pair of black workout pants, sneakers, t-shirt, army green jacket, and gray scarf complemented with a Goyard tote.  Such a cute outfit for running errands!  BTW…who can meet me for coffee at the new Starbucks at Clearfork?  

Stylist Tip: Most of my clothes and accessories are not designer and come from stores like Express, H&M, Zara, and consignment stores.  So when I say a designer name, sometimes it may be a copy, consignment, or vintage… “wink-wink”!!!


Two of my favorite mini bags are Sophie Hulme copies from Forever 21 (see them here). They look exactly like the designer bag, except mine cost $25, and an actual Sophie Hulme bag is around $800. 

A look on our Pinterest board that I am copying this fall is a pair of light blue jeans, gold button-down shirt from H&M, light brown belt, a white blazer from Zara, and a pair of suede block sandals.  And I’m loving two white blouses from Express I saw on Pinterest and purchased at 40% off.  Ya gotta love a sale!

My go-to dressy style tends to be either a pair of slacks or a skirt.  It is rare for me to wear a dress because I love the thrill of creating outfits with separates!  An example is a pair of black vegan leather pants paired with a white blouse from Zara with large cuffs and black buttons, black heels, and a pink coat.  And an all-black ensemble has “New York here I come” written all over it!  Two great looks for a night out on the town!  

So…there you have it!  I find style inspiration everywhere…in magazines, on Pinterest and Instagram.  And the fun part for me is shopping my closet and copying a look I love at a fraction of the cost!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].