This is a “Best of Holley” from last NYE, but her pizzazz still has sparkle, fizz and pop for 2018!  Happy New Year!

According to Google, the definition of resolution:  A firm decision to do or not do something.

That actually gives me hope because it sounds like I have options.  Right?  

 Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I can’t remember ever actually making a New Year’s resolution…
  2. …and I can’t remember ever keeping one.

But there are four ways I start off every New Year:  

1. with a champagne toast, 2. eating black eyed peas for good luck, 3. taking down the Christmas decorations, and 4. really believing I will walk and exercise every day in the New Year.  So, here’s to 2018!!!

Here’s the deal…the parties are over, I’ve been eating like a pig and the skies are gray.  So the question is, What Will Holley Wear when it’s cold and grey outside?  Something grey…of course.  Thinking about the color grey and how many outfits I can create out of this seemingly dreary color actually makes me happy.  Sound crazy?  Grey is actually one of my favorite colors.  In fact, I have a grey bedspread, a grey wall mural, and a lot of grey clothes and accessories.

So let’s get started and talk about how to create outfits with what we have in our own closets.  What’s your main neutral color?  It may not be grey, so you will want to work your winter wardrobe around your favorite neutral color. That way when I say “grey,” all you have to do is substitute it with your favorite neutral.  I will probably be wearing my grey jeans over and over, add another neutral like black or white and eventually start adding in color.  I will also include some of my favorite fall colors, especially burgundy and green.  And how can you go wrong with pink and grey?  Not only a good look for now but also a great look when transitioning into spring.


Trask Boots

One thing I do love about January is I get to wear my boots and yes, I do have grey boots. A recent splurge for me was a pair of grey Trask boots from Stanley Eisenman’s Shoes. These boots not only look cool but they are waterproof, which also makes them very practical. They look great with a pair of jeans and are my substitute for cowboy boots.  Plus, they will be perfect for our next trip to Colorado or to the rodeo. One of our favorite places to have lunch after church is at the Kimbell Art Museum. Believe it or not, I will be incorporating my grey ankle boots into a church/Kimbell outfit!  On a mild day, I might consider wearing my boots with a maxi skirt, tights, a chunky grey sweater, topped with a faux fur vest.   For those really brisk days, I could wear a monochromatic look with grey pants, boots, chunky sweater and top it off with a silver puffer coat and a grey scarf.  How “grey-ate” is that?

Another way to add a neutral is with accessories.  I love my grey sunshades and even when it’s cloudy and cold out, I’m wearing my shades.  The accessory I love to wear the most in the winter is a scarf.  My favorite scarf this winter is a grey fur scarf by Jocelyn, a gift from Lizzy Savetsky, a New York style star!  Be sure to check out her blog, Excessories Expert (!

Lizzy Savetsky

In my opinion, jewelry and accessories are happy boosters for the New Year, and if anyone knows that, Lizzy does!  One of my fashion rules: Even when I’m home alone on a cold day, I put on at least one piece of jewelry, add a cozy sweater, a cup of coffee, and top it all off with a good book.  

So how do I plan to start off the New Year?  With a resolution to make a firm decision to do or maybe not to do something….of course!  But by now, you know me and whether I am going to the rodeo, checking out the newest art exhibit, or just staying home and doing nothing…chances are I will be thinking about how I want to style my next outfit!

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Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].