February is the perfect month to wear layers.  Sometimes we need a coat, and sometimes a few layers will do the trick.

The main thing I love about layering is it allows me to be creative with my styling!

In the middle of winter, sometimes wearing a coat is necessary.  So let’s start with layering a coat.  Jenna Lyons, the former creative mastermind behind J Crew, started the double-jacket trend.  We are loving her black coat layered over a jean jacket, satin pants and blue suede pumps.  Another great coat layering style is a camel jacket layered over a denim jacket, t-shirt, and jeans.  Both of these signature styles can easily transition into spring.  

 New York subway riders have definitely got the layering trend down.  With sweaters, coats, leggings, scarfs, hats, gloves, and boots, they are ready to take on the city…one layer at a time.  I guess you could call me a “subway-stalker”, because every time I’m in the city, I study their looks and attempt to copy their urban styles.  With all the layers, I actually feel like I have that New York swagger…minus the Southern accent!

Vests are perfect for our Southern climate and come in handy on a cold winter day.  A fun look on our Pinterest board is a green puffer vest layered over a plaid shirt, striped t-shirt, and a denim vest. A statement necklace gives it a preppy vibe.   Mixed prints always add flair to a layered look.  Another cute way to achieve this look is with a herringbone vest.  These look great layered over a plaid shirt…striped sweater…animal print…you name it!  So cute and a great “in-vest-ment”!

Have you thought about layering your coat over a puffer vest?  A rain jacket layered over a checked shirt, flannel shirt, and white puffer vest is perfect for this time of year.  And we are also loving a red rain coat layered over a striped sweater, black puffer vest, jeans, and rubber boots.

Blazers have been my go-to layered look this season.  A black Michael Kors blazer goes with everything.  For an everyday look, I layer it over a black & white checked shirt from H&M, and top it off with a mauve velour hoodie from Forever 21.  A great sale purchase I made after the holidays was a plaid blazer from H&M.  One stylish way I wear it is layered over a red and white striped shirt from Zara, and a pearl jean jacket (a gift from a dear friend).  And all I need to add are jeans and boots.

 For an “athleisure” winter layered look, I pair workout pants from Target with a silver metallic pullover from F21, burgundy Hunter boots, and a large burgundy plaid scarf from Nordstrom’s.  When it’s really chilly, I add my reversible Calvin Klein puffer coat from T J Maxx.  A great athleisure look on our Pinterest board is black stretch pants, grey hoodie, black puffer vest, and black boots.  And if you plan to stop by the gym or go for a walk, all you have to do is trade out the boots with sneakers!  

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy marshmallow soup, which is kinda the same thing.”

Wow!  All this talk about layering makes me want to bundle up in some warm layers and take a brisk walk?  Who can meet me at Rise and share a chocolate soufflé’?    

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].