Holley is in the house today with a timely topic:  Layering.  In Texas one week it’s 72 and flip flops and the next week 40 degrees, parkas and early dismissals for a possible chance of show flurries.  Holley’s tips will help you decide how to prepare your wardrobe for the day regardless of the temperature.  Enjoy the buzz!

According to Google….layering clothes is a trend.  I guess you can look at it that way.  But when it’s cold outside and you are in and out of your car, layering becomes essential.

 So, two things you need to know about me:

  1. I really do look forward to that time of year when I can layer…
  2. …and I have found it to be a wardrobe necessity when it’s cold outside.

For over 11 years I have been volunteering for Meals on Wheels and helping to deliver meals every Monday.  I have two great partners, Rochelle and Laurie.  So this week, the question is:  What would Holley, Laurie, and Rochelle wear to deliver MOWs (in cold weather)?  If you guessed layers, you would be correct!   

Rochelle says mittens are a must

Rochelle’s Fashion Tip:  When you are out in the cold for a long period, wear mittens because they keep your hands warmer than gloves.  

Laurie’s Find at Costco: Andrew Marc Coat

It’s hard to beat a puffer jacket or coat for when you need to get in and out of the car a dozen times. It seems that if one on our team finds a great jacket, the other two are probably going to be purchasing the same jacket but maybe in a different color.  One year, we all purchased different colored coats with faux fur trim hoods from Gap.  The following year, we bought our puffer jackets at Costco.  Believe it or not, Costco is a great place to purchase coats.  Last year, Laurie’s amazing find there was a light-weight Andrew Marc coat. In case you don’t know, that’s a designer name you will find at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s! Isn’t it exciting to know that Costco sells designer clothing at a great price?  

Texas weather is unpredictable from one hour to the next so that’s why you need to layer.  When it’s freezing cold outside, we usually start with a coat, gloves, scarf, and flat boots. Getting in and out of the car can warm you up very fast, so under the jacket, I like to wear a basic t-shirt, topped with a sweater and  a button-down shirt.  If it starts warming up, I can tie the shirt around my waist.  The good news is it’s easy to shed some of the layers and still look stylish.

Laurie’s Layering Tip:  Wear a puffer vest over a leather jacket; a great way to stay warm and look stylish at the same time.

Another question would be:  What shoes do we wear when we deliver MOWs?   My favorite pair of boots are by Aquatalia from Stanley Eisenman’s Shoes.  Rochelle actually started this MOW’s trend, and I was soon to follow.  Once I got over the sticker price shock, I decided to go for it and made the investment.  It has been well worth it.  One day those boots might be walking our MOW’s route and the next day, they might be on the streets of New York.  

From Holley’s Closet

For Christmas, I received a pair of green UGG rubber boots.  They not only work well on a rainy day, but the inside bottom is fleece-lined which helps to keep your feet warm.  An important lesson learned over the years is to wear flat shoes, boots, or sneakers….because a few of us have been known to trip and fall flat on our faces in our heels.  Guess who that would be?

To treat ourselves after “the wheels have turned”, we always go to McKinley’s for lunch (Mrs. Twist’s favorite place for cake)!

They not only have great food and bakery items, but it’s a fun place to people watch.  Here’s the deal….there are some very stylish ladies who lunch at McKinley’s. Even though we’ve been “working,” we still want to have a classy look when we meet with the ladies who lunch.  So, what do we wear?  

Sometimes I wear a cute skirt with tights, layered with a jean jacket, sweater, scarf, and short flat boots.  Laurie often layers an amazing fur vest over a beautiful blouse and adds a piece or two from her Erikson Beamon collection. Rochelle is never without one of her Goyard handbags (and yes, she has more than one)!  How fabulous is that?

Rochelle and Laurie: Two Girls with Style

Waiting on a cupcake

Are you thinking to yourself, does it really matter how someone dresses when they deliver Meals on Wheels?  And my answer is….YES, it does.  Most of our clients rarely leave their homes, and to see a smiling face at their door with a warm meal, plus a really cute outfit totally makes their day!

On top of that, you never know who you will run into when you are out and about….especially when lunching at McKinley’s!

The MOW Crew

The way I see it, life is a lot like the “layering trend”….what you add to it and what you take away from it can make all the difference in the world!  

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