what-would-holley-wear-2It’s Tuesday so it must be Holley’s turn to give us some style schooling. This week — getting ready for Christmas card photos!

Are you like me and break out into a cold sweat when you even think about coordinating outfits for a holiday photo?  Especially a Christmas card picture that you send to your dearest friends, family and business associates?

So two things you need to know about me…

  1.  It has been decades since we’ve had a family photo made
  2. …but I still love the idea of styling outfits for holiday cards!

Yep…this is one of the blog posts where I need to add a disclaimer because I haven’t been in this game for a long, long time.  The good news is my oldest son, Andy, and his family have kept the tradition going.  My dream is that someday we will all be together and be able to have a family picture made, but as you know that takes planning and coordinating.

red-tulle-skirtSo, first things first.  Plan ahead! Like right now and way ahead!  I love the Christmas card photos that are taken at the beach on a family’s vacation.  To add a “twist” think about taking a few Christmas decorations with you to the beach next summer.  Like Santa hats or scarfs for everyone to wear and for little girls, a red tutu on the beach is adorable.  All you need to add is a sand man!  Something else to remember is the background color of the card.  Let’s say the only family photo you have is a summer picture.  No problem, just be sure to complement it with a neutral background color, like a burlap with white writing.

tulle-skirtFor photos with mom, dad, and kiddos you want to coordinate but not match.  Long gone are the days of everyone wearing a matching shirt.

Though, I do love the idea of red and green and suggest adding a neutral and one pop of unexpected color.  Again, think about the places you’ll travel to in the summer and fall and how to incorporate one of your photos into your Christmas card. Thanksgiving is a great time to take a family photo.  These photos seem more authentic and a way to share with your friends and family who you really are and what you enjoy.

kids-outfitIf you are a fashionista like me, you may want to look at clothing collections.  Here’s my suggestion for that.  Go to a store like Gap and J Crew  and start by purchasing an outfit for one child and then work from there. Especially during the holidays, a lot of stores will have coordinating collections.  That way you can purchase all the clothes from one store and know they go together. Even think about pajamas and sweat pants if that’s really your style and who you are.

Include textures in your photo, such as scarves, vests, blankets, hunter-bootshats and boots.  One idea is to have girls wearing Hunter boots and alternate with red and green. Even think about a family photo with everyone wearing different socks.  Another idea is to have everyone wear different color Converse high tops, just add jeans and a white shirt and there you have it…a colorful family photo with a lot of personality!

conversesilent-nightThe way I see it, holiday cards should be unique and show not only your family’s sense of style, but their sense of humor.  I don’t know a perfect family who looks fashionable and perfect all the time.  Do you?  Our lives tend to be hectic and tangled a lot of times.  Show me a Christmas photo of a family tangled in Christmas lights and I’ll show you a real family. And, please, don’t forget to include the family pet in your photo if possible. Being real is what will make your family Christmas card memorable!


Holley has updated the Pinterest style board for tons more ideas to get you ready to say “cheese!”

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