Are you the type of person who can “go with the flow?”  I definitely can when it comes to flowy fashion.  

So two things I love about a flowy look

  1.  A flowy top always makes me look smaller on bottom…
  2. …and flowy pants and skirts are so comfortable!

Okay…let’s work our way from the bottom up.  Maxi skirts are my favorite go-to look for the summer. And the way I see it…the more fabric…the better!  Here’s a “Holley Style Tip”:   I like to tie one side of the skirt hem in a knot.  It’s a fun summer look, and all you need to add is a t-shirt and sandals.  If I don’t tie one side of the hem, I like for my maxi skirt to sweep the floor.   My maxis are usually floral or ethnic prints, and all I need to add is a t-shirt or a button down tied at the waist or an off the shoulder top.  Sounds a little bohemian…right?

I like to create my own swimsuit cover-ups.  A great way to do that is with a flowy maxi skirt.  Be sure to check out the white maxi skirt worn as a swimsuit cover-up on our Pinterest board.   All you do is tie a knot in the middle of the skirt, wear it over your swimsuit, add a pair of sandals and you will be poolside ready!  My cabana style this summer will be an orange maxi, worn over my bathing suit.  I will add a pair of black sandals, a woven black belt, a floppy hat with a scarf, and a wicker bag with black tassels.  Hmmm….maybe someone will invite me to a pool party!!!

I also adore flowy wide-leg pants.  There are so many to choose from, and they are a great way to dress up a summer and fall look.  A pair on our Pinterest board that would be perfect for a summer party are white pants worn with a black halter top….stylish and classy.  A great fall transition look is a pair of wide-leg army green pants topped with a white blouse and black belt. For fun and comfort, add a pair of black and white Converse sneakers, and for a touch of class, add a Chanel boyfriend bag.

Do you own a pair of culottes?  Start thinking of them as the “new capri.”  They are a great substitute for capris and shorts.  I purchased a pair of black and white striped culottes this summer.  They are a perfect look for luncheons and dates with my husband.  And unlike capris, culottes are a great look for the office too…just drape a sweater or blazer over your shoulder.  Wow…sounds like you are ready to get down to business!

Another great “go with the flow” look is a kaftan.  Remember the 70s when ladies wore them everywhere from bridge club to the grocery story? Though considered Morocco’s traditional dress, today’s kaftan, can also be worn as lounge wear.  And if you are thinking these brightly printed, lightweight garments are resort wear only…think again!  They can also be stunning evening wear.  Makes me want to book a trip to Morocco!  

My favorite flowy trend this season is dusters or kimonos. And I’m not talking about your Grandma’s duster.  I’m talking about beautiful flowy light weight wraps/jackets that are worn over jeans, shorts and dresses.  Two things I love about this trend:  they come in different lengths from floor length to a jacket length, and one size fits all.  The ones I love on our Pinterest board are florals, and sometimes they have beautiful detailed embroidery.

Looks like we’ve worked our way to the top!  There are so many fun and fabulous blouses and tops that will give you that “go with the flow” summer look!  I love flowy tops with an elastic cuff….a great way to keep your sleeves pushed up, and ruffles at the cuff are an added bonus. Another great summer style is flowy bohemian tops worn with jeans and shorts.  Be sure to take a look at Free People and Anthropology online for a wide selection.

 I hope this article will inspire you to add at least one flowy trend to your wardrobe.  Because one thing I know for sure….life is a lot more fun when you just “go with the flow”!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].