Have a man to dress for the holidays or any day of the year, for that matter?  Holley has all the dish on how to make your man the star of the show!  Sometimes, it’s not always about us…

This article is all about men’s fashion and how to dress your man!  My plan is to add a fashion article for men every few months. For my first post I am focusing on outfit options for his winter wardrobe and some holiday gift ideas.

So, two things you need to know about me:

  1.  I have a husband, two sons and two grandsons
  2. …and it makes my day when they ask for my fashion advice!

Here’s the deal, none of them really like to shop for clothes.  What about your guy or guys?  A big bonus for men would be if they would go shopping (just to look) at least once a month to see what’s in style…right? Another option is checking out my Pinterest board, “Gentlemen Only.” So, let’s give this a try and see if you can get your man a little more interested in fashion!  I decided to make this easy by featuring J. McLaughlin, J.Crew and Banana Republic.  Hopefully, this will make your guy’s shopping experience fun and convenient.

Since it is starting to get cold outside, let’s start with coats and jackets. Though they are not needed as much in Texas as in some parts of the country, when it’s cold outside your guy will be glad he has a nice overcoat or jacket.  My favorite overcoat is a camel cashmere top coat.  This coat compliments a suit, casual slacks and even a spring-transition look with a chambray shirt and navy blue blazer and jeans.  Another great option is a classic pea coat.  These staples will serve many purposes and are great investments.  And remember, there is no rule that says he is limited to wearing an overcoat with a suit only.

Besides overcoats, there are so many great casual jackets to choose from.  A Nordic down parka in wool from J.Crew looks great with slacks and jeans.  And just like with women’s clothes, men can mix and match their looks, too.  Don’t forget, leather jackets are a great choice for Texas weather.  Men also love puffer jackets and coats because they are light weight and easy to pack.


baby, it’s not cold outside if you let me borrow your jacket

Like women, men love to accessorize…they just don’t know it.  One accessory men wear more than women is belts.   J. McLaughlin has a lot of preppy looks in so many awesome colors.  Hats, gloves, and socks are a winter must for men when it is freezing cold outside.  Scarves are a necessary must for the winter months, not that you see them much in Texas.

john’s closet

But, if you go to New York or Kansas like we often do, every man is wearing one…even our Texas Aggie!  If your guy likes color and stripes, you can’t go wrong with a scarf selection at Gap.  Be sure to check out all the fun socks options in an array of different colors and designs that J. McLaughlin has to offer.  My favorite is a pair of adorable English bulldog socks. I forgot to mention our male dog, Hank Williams Junior, an English bulldog.

Junior. Holley’s Editor.

Again, you mostly see men wearing hats and caps in cold weather climates.  But, the next time you drive by the TCU campus on a really cold day, check out the guys….I mean, their hats!  Young men are so into hats and caps.

The more you have to be outdoors in the winter, the bigger the necessity to be winter ready. For TCU students or men who have to be out a lot in cold weather, a wool trapper hat will be the ultimate in keeping their heads and ears warm.  I gave my New Yorker son one last year and he wears it all the time during the winter months.

Two of my favorite winter wardrobe options for men are vests and sweaters.  Vests can be worn with jeans and slacks, look great with your work attire and are the perfect look for a casual weekend event.  Gap has a cold control lite stretch puffer vest in four colors and even in size tall. The green one with an orange liner is my favorite.  By the way, anytime I can find options in “Tall” that’s considered a win in my family.  In my opinion, a sweater completes an outfit and is so versatile.  Don’t you just love sweater weather?

grey hunk in sweater

Just like you, your man wants to feel good about himself and his style.  So, don’t hesitate to share this week’s Pinterest board with him and be sure to tell him how handsome you think he is…especially in his stylish new clothes!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].