Don’t you just love it when someone gives you something for free?  My favorite thing about style is….it really isn’t something that can be bought.

…At the end of the day, it’s not about how much something costs.

…It’s more about how you style it…and styling, my friends, is free!

With that in mind, I am presenting my first edition of ways to style the clothes you already have in your closet.  All for free…of course!  

So let’s start with how to tweak your jackets or blazers.  To give your style the “cool factor”, push your jacket sleeves up to reveal your cuffs.  Blouses with bell sleeves and extra-long cuffs worn with your blazer will add an additional “too cool for school” look.  So push those sleeves up!

 Nothing says “fashionista” like a draped or off the shoulder jacket. So instead of wearing your jacket, start draping it.  A draped blazer thrown over a t-shirt worn with jeans is a great way to dress-up your casual style. And the coolest new way to drape is the “off the shoulder drape” as seen on our Pinterest board.  It costs nothing and makes your outfit look infinitely cooler and more chic.

Do you have belts in your closet you haven’t worn in forever?  May I suggest you repurpose your belts and start belting your blazers, coats, ponchos, and shawls?  This is a classy way to add style to your outer wear and a great way to repurpose an old belt.  

So maybe you are not that into belts, or maybe you don’t own a belt.  Don’t worry because I have another “free” tip for you!  Wrap a shirt around your waist.  This serves three purposes; the sleeves can go through belt loops and act as a belt, it gives a flattering and slimming effect, and it’s beyond cool! Practical, flattering, and cool…sounds like a triple threat!

Another creative way to style is with layering.  Instead of purchasing new jackets, coats, etc., start layering the ones in your closet.  My “go to” layering style is to wear a blazer over a jean jacket or sweatshirt hoodie.  If you have a vest in your closet, think about layering it over a denim jacket worn with a plaid flannel shirt…just add jeans and boots. Wow…it sounds like you have a really cool closet!

When accessorizing with jewelry, remember this…minimal can be memorable.  Be happy with the jewelry you have and think about wearing one bracelet, one necklace, etc. at a time.  A great way to repurpose one of your grandmother’s brooches is to wear it on your sleeve cuff or shoulder. Don’t you just love bringing nostalgia back?  

And remember…one large statement piece will always do the trick!  My favorite way to wear a statement necklace is to wear it backwards!  Sounds nuts…right? An example is a multi-colored necklace I purchased at a garage sale for $3.  When I wear it “wrong-side-out”, it becomes a whole new fabulous silver and gold necklace.  Trust me on this one…there’s nothing like making a statement for free!

Hopefully, you’ve been stylishly inspired.  And please stay tuned because I will be sharing more “free styling tips” in the near future! BTW….don’t you just love it when someone gives you something for free?