Photo credit: Elizabeth Jones, Nest & Transformation

When I think of a summer scarf, Jackie O’s inspiration always comes to mind.  With a simple scarf and large sunshades, her classic style continues to influence. 

Number One – Wear A Scarf As A Hair Accessory:  So I’m picturing you motoring in a cute little convertible this summer somewhere in the middle of Italy.  Oh how I would love to tag along! To give your travel style the ultimate in chicness, be sure to add a beautiful printed scarf tied around your head, and don’t forget to add a pair of oversized sunshades.  Trust me, you will look so Jackie O chic….and who wouldn’t want that?

Wearing your scarf as a headband with a messy bun or ponytail is so easy and a perfect way to look put together on a busy morning.  Even a short bob looks adorable with a narrow scarf tied as a headband. 


Number Two – Wear A Scarf As A Handbag Accessory:  If you want to give your handbag a sophisticated update, wrap a scarf around the handle.  Starting on one side, simply wrap the scarf from one end of the handle to the other as loose or tight as you please.  Another cute way to dress up your bag is to tie the scarf in a bow at the base of the handle.


Number Three – Wear A Silk Scarf As A Bandana:  Would you like to know a trendy way to dress up a t-shirt?  The answer is simple….wear a square silk scarf like a bandana.  We especially love the look when the ends are wrapped back around the front, then tied.  Eat your heart out French girls!

Number Four – Wear A Scarf As A Belt:  We are totally obsessed with this look.  Think about wearing a scarf as a belt with a shirtdress to give your work style an updated look.  Scarves look awesome belted with jeans and can be tied in a bow or knot. For a trendsetting look, think about typing a scarf to a belt loop.  If you wear shorts, there’s nothing cuter than a scarf worn as a belt with shorts….even with cutoffs.

Number Five – Wear A Scarf Around Your Ankle Or Wrist:  Make a statement by wrapping a scarf around your wrist or ankle…such a fun way to dress up a simple summer outfit.  Plus, it will show-off how stylish you are! Another way to give your summer style a current look is wearing a scarf bracelet from Silk Philosophy.

Be sure to review the scarf tying tutorial on our Pinterest board.  And even if you want to stick with your tried and true scarf tying method…you will definitely be bringing some Jackie O chicness to your summer style!  How classy is that?

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