Yay…it’s time to celebrate a New Year and some of the latest fashion trends! As the year goes on, I will keep you updated on what’s new in fashion. Because in the fashion world, trends can come and go quickly.

Two pieces of fashion advice:

…Think about purchasing trends on sale, or at less expensive stores, or websites…

…And, make sure the trend you choose can transition from one season to the next.

Do some of the new trends tend to ruffle your feathers?  Then, I’m pretty sure a ruffled skirt could be the perfect trend for you.  Some of these skirts have layers of ruffles, and some keep it simple with just one or two rows of ruffles.  

A few of the dramatic maxi skirts on our Pinterest board will take your style from winter to spring. For winter, all you need to add is a leather jacket and boots.  A gingham ruffled skirt might sound like a summer-only look but it can easily be made winter-ready by pairing it with a chunky knit sweater and booties.  

A look that made a major comeback in the fall, and will be out in force this winter and spring, is a trench coat.  This classic look has been around forever, but some of the new designs have a trendy twist…of course.  The over sized trench will be super popular this spring.  One of the new twist is the array of colors to choose from, like a pink trench coat worn with jeans. Or, maybe you are feeling a little blue.  Then, I’m pretty sure a blue denim trench will be the perfect remedy!  Just what the style doctor ordered…right?

Two popular trench-twists are checked and plaid coats.  Both of these will add a pop of personality to your winter and spring style.  For a classy and extravagant look, you can never go wrong with a classic Burberry trench coat with its famous signature plaid lining.  And my favorite trench trend is a black and white checked coat.   It looks great with jeans and will easily transition to spring.  Be sure to “check out” these looks on our Pinterest board!

I have always loved a flowy blouse with lush sleeves and would describe today’s version as supersized.  Bell sleeves will still be trending this season. To add a feminine touch to an ensemble, think about wearing a lace bell sleeve blouse.  A look that will take your style to the next level is a blazer worn with the sleeves pushed up to reveal supersized sleeves and cuffs.  

A fashion tip:  I’ve had great luck finding fabulous blouses at Express.

Tie-cuff shirts were one of the biggest street-style looks last season and thankfully, a look that’s back this year.  Like a bell sleeve blouse, they look great on their own or under a trench coat or blazer with the tie-cuff showing.  Don’t you just love combining trends?  We have a major crush on a navy blazer, jeans, and tie-sleeve blouse complemented with red heels. Trendy and classic!

Culottes.  We are especially fond of denim culottes.  For winter, just add a sweater and last year’s bomber jacket, and boots…of course!  For spring and summer, all you need to do is wear a t-shirt and sandals.  I have to admit my favorite culottes are a black and white combo.  Whether you are going to a meeting or hanging with friends, black and white will add a classic touch to this trend!   

So here’s the take….one new trend will definitely up your style game.  And don’t forget to add a little attitude…with a trendy-twist of course!!

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].