“The Five Day No Denim Challenge”….as in, five days, five outfits, zero jeans.  I KNOW! Not exactly my idea….this challenge actually came from the Man Repeller Blog.  But please know, I really did put it to the test. So, here we go with Holley’s version! (Note: For Mrs. Twist this will be as hard as hiking the rock mountain above, but I am willing to take one for Team Holley. That’s me in the photo, not wearing jeans.)

It’s just for five days.  No big deal….right? So let’s start with Monday.  Every Monday for over 12 years, I’ve delivered meals for Meals on Wheels, Inc. That being said, jeans are my usual go-to meals delivery look….but not this Monday.  So for the first day challenge, I wore a casual black midi, a tan shirt tied at the waist, and a cute pair of Dior inspired flats from Mango….perfect for a volunteer job!

Midi skirts are a great substitute for jeans and pair perfectly with sneakers.  We are crushing on all the great options shown on our Pinterest board. For a touch of street style, a leopard-print skirt, a leather jacket, and chunky trainers are proof that sneakers are not just for the gym.  Another way to rock the sneaker style is with a gray pencil skirt and black sweater….yet another awesome denim trade!

Hello Tuesday….so far, so good!  My church circle meeting was Tuesday.  Even though we typically dress casual, “the five day no denim challenge” gave me a chance to dress up my church meeting style a bit.  I repurposed a tiered maxi skirt and wore a black blouse tied at the waist. FYI: I really wanted to drape a denim jacket over my shoulders….but I resisted! Maxi skirts and dresses are a great denim-replacement and go perfectly with flats, sneakers, or boots.

Hump Day….please insert the “yikes” emoji here!  So is it cheating if I wear a pair of green jeans?  Just kidding….I did not cheat. Since I was meeting my husband for a drink after work, I wore flowy orange polka-dot pants I purchased in New York this summer.  And guess what? It was so much fun to dress up a little during the middle of the week. Plus, I wore the same outfit to a birthday party on Saturday night….double duty!  A Pinterest board look I’m crushing on is a pair of wide-leg army green pants….shown two ways! One way shows it styled casually with a white button-down shirt and black Converse sneakers. Another option gives the pants a sophisticated vibe with a long black cardigan sweater. Flowy and wide leg pants are so on-trend and a great denim swap!

Okay, it’s Thursday and just when I thought I had this down, I had to make a quick wardrobe adjustment.  The plan was to go with an athleisure look….leggings, t-shirt, army green jacket, Converse sneakers with my black and brown tote. But here’s the deal….it 91 degrees out. So, I used my brain and decided to go for comfort. One of my favorite Pinterest board looks shows a pair of army green slacks with a white shirt tied at the waist worn with brown slides.  Such an easy look to copy! I’m also loving a pair of dark green plaid crops worn with a camouflage jacket. Sounds just as cool and comfy as jeans….right?

The words, “thank God it’s Friday,” have a whole new meaning now.  For my last day challenge, I wore a pair of white pants and my “Academy 4” t-shirt with a light-weight black rain coat.  To complete my outfit, I added a pair of black Converse sneakers….ideal for volunteering with children. For dinner out that night, I swapped-out the t-shirt for a black blouse and a checked blazer.  My favorite Pinterest board pick shows a pair of green cargo pants and a long beige cardigan paired with a Channel tote and espadrilles. Who needs denim anyway?

Okay, now I’m challenging you…. “Five Days No Denim”!  And please send me pictures of your outfits….because I just love a challenge!  

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