If you are like me, jeans are your everyday go-to look.  And though most of the time they are worn casual, there are times when our denim needs to be dressed up.  Right?  

 So, two thing I love about wearing denim:

…It is classic and never goes out of style…

…and it’s so comfy, even when it is dressed up!

So let’s get started and talk about some ways to dress up your denim.  A guide on our Pinterest board gives 25 examples of “how to wear jeans to work”.  But here’s the deal, you need to know what’s acceptable in your office….so be sure to read the office dress code manual first!  To stay on the safe side, I suggest a classic pair of jeans…boot cut, skinnies, or flared, and no fraying or rips.  

One way to dress up your office style is to wear a classic trench coat over your jeans.  Add a white blouse (tucked or untucked), cuffs showing, a belt (optional), and a pair of pumps or flats. Blazers are always perfect for the office.  An adorable look on our board is a pair of ankle-length jeans worn with a striped chambray shirt, and checked blazer with the sleeves pushed up. And don’t forget to add a scarf!  For a casual Friday style our shows the ensemble with sneakers, but wear pumps if you want to dress it up a bit.  Ready to get down to business?  


A pop of color will definitely dress up any ensemble, so think about wearing a red coat with jeans and animal print heels.  If you are headed to a meeting, drape a red blazer over your shoulders, wear a tailored pair of jeans, and add a scarf for a classic touch.  To dress up your preppy style wear a red vest with your jeans.  All you need to add is a tartan scarf and Tory Burch boots.  

To add a feminine touch to your dressy jean style…think pink!  An adorable pink denim pairing on our Pinterest board is a fuzzy pink sweater and dark blue jeans worn with animal print block heels…add sparkly drop earrings from Banana Republic!   Did you know you can even dress up your denim on a snowy or rainy day?  Keep thinking pink by wearing a pink coat and gray scarf, or go bold with a plaid pink Burberry inspired scarf, pink snow/rain boots and your jeans…of course!  

We are major loving a posh pink wrap coat on our board worn with jeans and nude heels.  They even added pink sunshades and a pink handbag to this luxe look!   Like a delicious wine pairing, one word comes to mind when blending black denim with pink….smooth!   Be sure to view some of the beautiful and smooth ways to pair pink with black denim on our Pinterest board.  

Are you into the pajama trend?  I love the look of a satin pajama top worn with a pair of jeans. This satin texture is another classy way to dress up your jeans.  A look on our board that stands out is a black pajama top with white piping (I recently purchased a similar one at Kohl’s in their junior department for $20).  And FYI…any satin top will give your denim a dressed-up vibe!    

We cannot leave shoes and handbags out of the mix.  Both of these, without a doubt, will dress up even a pair of ripped jeans.  From satin flats to velvet boots, your jeans will be taking a walk on the dressy side.  An elegant evening bag worn with denim is another fabulous way to class-up your jeans! So the next time you receive a party invitation that reads…“Dress Attire: Casual Chic”….just know dressed-up denim is definitely the way to go!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].