Whether you’ve heard of it or not….I have a feeling you’ve definitely felt it.  So, I have to ask….have you been experiencing ups and downs in your mood during the Corona pandemic?  I figured that much….#CoronaCoaster!


Let’s get started and talk about some summer styles that will lighten your mood during the pandemic.  Here’s a lofty idea…hair accessories.  Maybe your hair is a mess, but a cute headband or barrettes will absolutely give you “all the feels”!  FYI….when lounging in your backyard, a turban will add a resort vibe to your staycation style.  A straw hat is another way to look and stay cool in the summer heat.  And to boost your mood…go big and bold with your accessories! 


“Ain’t no mountain high enough…ain’t know valley low enough” to keep me from lovin’ polka-dots.  From black and white to rainbow polka-dots….something about them just shouts happy.  We are loving two adorable black and white maxis from H&M and Mango.  And don’t you think a yellow polka-dotted dress has joy written all over it?  Shop Bop shares a burst of joy with a colorful selection of polka-dot dresses and skirts.  I think we should call them “happy dots”!

But here’s the deal…maybe you’ve crashed.  You not only don’t care about fashion but you don’t even want to get out of bed.  But wait just a minute, I might have a temporary style fix…rattan slippers.  Here’s my little tip: leave them by your bed, and first thing when you get up in the morning, slip on some beachy rattan flip-flops or slippers.  I’m loving a pair by Carrie Forbes from Shop Bop, and for a bargain, check out the amazing selection from Etsy on our Pinterest board.  

Any time you feel like you’re on a downward spiral, think about wearing a beautiful embroidered summer dress or top.  I’m not kidding….a Mexican dress or top says one thing to me….fiesta!  And you know I’m right!  From Anthropologie to Etsy, and so many more…we’re sharing an array of beautiful embroidered dresses on our Pinterest board.  Another remedy for this roller coaster ride is an embroidered top paired with jeans or shorts…and a margarita never hurts!  

 One thing is certain, from the ups and downs to the pit in our stomach…this “CoronaCoaster” is definitely taking us on a bumpy ride.  My advice….just don’t let it take your joy away.  #JoyRide! 

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest.  Contact Holley at [email protected].