When I think of girls and their pearls, my mind goes straight to Southern girls.  From the time they are born to their wedding day, there’s a good chance someone has gifted them a beautiful strand of pearls.  And though today’s fashion pearls are not as precious, they still bring joy to us Southern girls.

 So two things about today’s pearl trend:

 …They are on everything from jewelry, shoes, jeans, jackets to handbags.

 …And, you can go all out or just add a simple strand to your style!

 So, let’s work our way from the bottom up and talk about the great pearl comeback.  This fall, think about adding a pair of pearl-heeled loafers to your wardrobe.  I’m pretty sure Gucci was the first to start this trend.  And if it’s good enough for Gucci, then it must be good enough for the rest of us…right?  

A stylish look on our board is a pair of cuffed jeans, long white shirt, and an army green bomber jacket from JC Penney.  To give it a luxe look, they added a Celine box bag and Gucci pearl-heeled loafers.  I’m loving this “high/low” look!

Another fabulous look is a fall floral dress worn with a pair of pearl-heeled loafers.  And the good news is there are fabulous copies everywhere.  One cute pair I am crushing on is from Zara (zara.com) for $40 and the other is from Shein (shein.com) for $34. Frugal and stylish…can’t beat that!


A huge trend that transitioned from spring to fall is pearl embellished jeans. Again, you can purchase an expensive designer pair or look online at ASOS for a less expensive version. And be sure to check out the DIY pearl embellished jeans on our Pinterest board.  

A classic look on our board is a pair of pearl jeans, black blazer, YSL handbag, and heels. For a more casual look, pearl boyfriend jeans fit the bill.  Wear them with an oversized sweater over a long button-down and add a pair of booties or sneakers.  Trendy and classic!

 Maybe you are more interested in wearing pearls on your jacket.  You can always go for a classic Chanel style with a tweed jacket trimmed in pearls…a look that can go casual with jeans or be dressed up for the office or a party.  The tweed jacket from Zara with pearl buttons is my absolute favorite!

 A pearl embellished denim jacket is a great seasonal transition piece.  For fall and winter, think about wearing it over a plaid flannel shirt with a pair of army green jeans or even with camouflage jeans.  

I’ve saved the best for last….handbags and jewelry!  A lot of high-end designers are all about this trend.  But again, there are so many cute and less expensive versions to choose from, including Steve Madden’s mini pearl studded bucket bag for $78 at Macy’s and Zara’s adorable box bag for $40.

Anything Chanel-inspired from pearl embellished sunshades to a pearl brooch, has classy written all over it.  And BTW….I think a pair of pearl bumble bee earrings from Anthropology would look adorable on Mrs. Twist! Don’t you?  


I hope this classic trend will inspire you to add one new pearl piece to your fall wardrobe.  And if nothing else, take your real pearls out of your jewelry box and start wearing them.  That’s what I plan to do!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].