Haute Holley inspires us each week by taking us to places we’ve heard of, affording us the chance for a front row seat to see the world of fashion, and pushes us to be inspired on what to wear when we get there!  Enjoy!

Did you know Brooklyn, New York has been named the hippest place to live in the world?  Our youngest son lived in Brooklyn for 2 years.  After visiting him during that time and walking the streets of Brooklyn, I have to say this New York borough definitely deserves the hip award!

So, two things you need to know about me:

…I love to travel, and I love to style watch…

…and Brooklyn, New York never disappoints…Never!

My guess is because of the diversity and artists who live there that give it the “hip” award!  Not only the people but the places are hip…the shops, the restaurants, and the art venues.  The Pratt Institute (School of Art) was a few blocks from where our son lived, and walking the campus is inspiring and of course…very hip!  So, since I love to communicate with fashion, this article is dedicated to the cool looks inspired by hipsters from Brooklyn, New York.  

I bet you are wondering why I’m introducing this artsy style to mostly conservative dressers and readers (including myself). Because here’s the deal….there is a whole big world out there with people who are different from you and me…people who don’t wear matching socks or shoes…people who might wear a shirt for a skirt…people who have piercings and tattoos. The main word here is “people”, and I think one of the best ways we can understand each other is to communicate with each other. And what communicates more than fashion?  

So let’s start with color!  When most people travel to New York, they typically go to mid-town Manhattan and seldom visit the other four boroughs. The colors you see in mid-town are in the bright lights, but the people who live and work there are usually wearing black and gray.  The only exception is during fashion week, and that’s when you will see a lot of color in midtown.  But in Brooklyn, the colors you see are in the clothes the residents wear.  Be sure to take a look at Brooklyn style on our Pinterest board!

Okay, is this where I need to say….”take a deep breath…breathe slowly…you can do this”?  Remember we are talking about people.  So let’s talk about the Urban-African style influence in Brooklyn. The emphasis with this look is the fabrics, bright colors, and textures.  Print mixing is the main style principal here.  So, how would Holley incorporate a Brooklyn/Urban-African style into her Ft. Worth, Texas wardrobe?  I love two African inspired print skirts I bought last summer at H&M.  I wear them with a denim button down shirt, add a global inspired necklace, and a pair of brown Sam Edelman sandals…a look that’s definitely “too hip to be square”!

Here’s a Holley tip:  Tie a maxi skirt in a knot at the hem on one side. Just add a pair of fringe boots or tassel sandals, and you will have created your own Brooklyn-like ensemble!  

When it comes to creative style, I have to give Brooklyn men the award!  These guys are beyond cool and edgy….like the dude sporting the floral blazer….so original and so self-confident!  And I’m totally digging the photo of Pharrell Williams sporting a patch-work overcoat…“Up-town Funky” style!  

A look Brooklyn men will be wearing this fall is floral bomber jackets. Why?  Because they can, and no one has a conniption.  The citizens of this borough don’t have style hang ups and are open to fashion communication.  How fascinating and mind blowing is that?

So the next time you go to New York, think about taking a day trip to Brooklyn.  The first stop off the L Train is Williamsburg…wonderful restaurants, boutiques, and galleries.  Some great people-watching parks are Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  Dumbo has incredible views of Manhattan, especially the financial district.  My favorite Brooklyn park is the Ft. Green Park in the Clinton Hill area.  On the weekends they have a farmer’s market and a great pop-up flea market.  And by the way….the people and style watching are free!  

Hopefully, this article and our Pinterest board will inspire you to think of fashion as a way to communicate with others.  And, I’m pretty sure if you do….it will open your mind and heart to a whole new world.  How hip is that?  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Contact Holley at [email protected].