Cowgirl – n.  A beautiful woman with dirt on her.

Giddy up gals, Holley’s got the dish just in time for the 121st Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  Come in and sit a spell.

Bohemian style, often referred to as “boho,” is a style of dressing that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s.  The essence of bohemian focuses on free and flowy fabrics.  Cowgirl style is a Western look, consisting of a Western hat, a leather belt with a large buckle, blue jeans and cowboy boots.

 Two things you need to know about me:

  1. I’m really not into Western wear,
  2. …but I do love boho style and have found a way to incorporate the two looks!

It is rodeo time in Fort Worth, Texas and what better way to experiment with what I like to call “style blending.”  And guess what? I actually made that up and did not read it in a magazine or on a blog….so yay for me! Actually, blending looks is nothing new, but I thought it needed a name. “Style blending” is easy to do with bohemian and Western styles since they make for a great partnership.  Plus, I have a feeling you are looking for a way to add an edge to your rodeo outfit….right?

So let’s begin with a basic bohemian and cowgirl wardrobe staple…boots. The difference between the two is that bohemian boots tend to be more embellished.  Though, there are some awesome cowgirl boots that will give boho a run for it.

Belts are another basic piece for both looks.  With both styles, the belts are normally embellished with stitching and embroidery, and sometimes the boho belts have sequins and tassels. Some cowgirl belts are covered in rhinestones, and this is when I have to give Western style the edge!  The good news is you can mix and match the two styles.

Overall, western wear tends to be more conservative, and that’s probably why I like all the extra embellishment that the boho look has to offer.  An awesome bohemian look is embellished jackets.

Sometimes there is so much detail in one jacket, I think it should be considered a piece of art.  Plus, when it comes to bohemian style, the main theme is….the more the better.  This is your opportunity to layer, not only your clothes but your jewelry.  The more bracelets, necklaces, and rings you wear, the more boho-stylish you will be.  Under the jacket and jewelry, think about wearing a flowy blouse or a long sleeve t-shirt.  

How do you stay warm in your winter “blended” outfit?  A great look with a Western flair would be a poncho or wrap.  Depending how cold it is outside will help make the decision for you.  Real cowgirls know all about the importance of layers.  

To top off your look, think about adding a scarf and a hat.  Western hats are more structured, whereas bohemian hats tend to be a little on the floppy side.  Either type of hat will complement your outfit, and if you like to embellish, think about adding a feather.

The places I recommend shopping for these blended looks in Ft. Worth and online are Free People and Anthropologie for a boho style, and Cavender’s and Leddy’s for a Western look.  If you are not into embellishment, bling, and lots of layers, then make it simple.  A denim shirt with a bandana tied around your neck or wrist, a pair of jeans, belt, and boots might be all the blending you care for.  Another great look for both styles is a jean jacket.  I like to top mine with a fur vest worn with jeans, a sequined belt, and suede boots. If you have a vintage backpack in your closet, think about tying a few bandanas on the straps to give your rodeo bag a bohemian/western look!  Sounds like Rodeo time….y’all!  

The whole idea is for you to experiment and discover your own unique bohemian-cowgirl blend.  Don’t you think Glenn Campbell said it best with his hit song, Rhinestone Cowboy?  Once you have your look down, it will feel just like that… “a star-spangled rodeo!”  

There’s been a load of compromising, on the road to my horizon, but I’m going to be where the lights are shining on me.

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