I love accessories and the way they complete an outfit.  So, two trends I want to talk about this week are “bag matching” and “arm parties!”  

 Two things you need to know about these trends:

  1.  Handbag and shoe matching has been around forever…
  2. …and layering your rings and bracelets is an art within itself!

 Let’s get started and talk about these two trends and how to work them into your wardrobe.  Here is what I found from my Pinterest research.  The bag matching trend is one of the hottest trends that was on every runway at Fashion Week.  I think it’s easily one of the trends from the runway that’s going to make it into everybody’s wardrobes for spring and summer.

If you want to go all out on matching your bag with your outfit, think about a monochromatic look.  You can do this by pairing up colors from the same family but with different shades or by pairing the exact same color of clothes and bag but in different textures.  If you are not into a monochromatic look, don’t worry because there are other ways to match your bag. One of my favorite bag matching tips is to match your bag with a dominant color in your outfit. Sounds like a match made in Heaven!  

Matching your bag to your shoes is an old styling trick that has been around forever.  But the last several years, it became a fashion “don’t” to match your bag and shoes.  The way I see it, another word for trend is “option”….right?  Since we all have options to choose from, I have always chosen the style option of matching my handbag and shoes.  For me it’s a classic look and thank goodness I will be back on trend again and a fashion “do!”  

Are you daring and bold?  If so, I think you will love the printed bag and printed outfit matching trend.  You can actually match your printed dress or outfit with a printed bag.  Sounds like fun but also a bit challenging. Unless it is a set from the same line, like Kate Spade, this trend can be tricky.  If you are gifted at print-mixing, consider coordinating with another print that complements the outfit.  One way to try this is with an animal print handbag or possibly with striped or polka dot bag.  Just remember, you want to be sure the prints have some of the same color combinations.  

One of my favorite ways to add a bag to an outfit is with personality.  Did you know there are bags that actually make a statement or have eyeballs staring back at you?  I bought a fun bag at Zara in New York last fall and it has a big “NO” written in chrome letters on the front flap.  You may be wondering what the “NO” stands for, and I have to admit, I have “NO” idea…it just makes me smile.  Be sure to check out my Pinterest board, “Fun Fashion,” for more fun fashion looks!

 So…what is more fun than a party?  I can’t think of anything, and that’s why I love the “arm party” trend.  And what says “let’s party” more than a stack of bracelets?  One way to stack is with the same color tones, as in all gold, all silver, or all one color.  I like to stack 3 bracelets at the most, but stacking more is acceptable.  The main fashion rule of thumb to remember is to stack with uneven numbers.  With trial and error, you will discover your own stacking limit.

A classic way to host an arm party is with a watch.  I have 2 watches that I like to interchange.  One is an Ebel estate watch in stainless and gold that I like to wear with thin gold bangles.  Another watch I own is a Skagen stainless watch.  It is a fashion watch, and I complement it with thin silver bracelets.  A fashion rule I abide by is to stay in the same metal tones.  In other words, wear silver with silver and gold with gold.  I’m a little OCD with this and even try to coordinate the hardware on my handbag strap, buttons, zippers, and shoe trim with the same tone.  Yikes!

If you are a rebel…then don’t hesitate to mix it up because there are no hard rules when it comes to fashion trends.  And remember, the main idea of a party is to have fun….and eat cake!  Right?  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation. Contact Holley at [email protected].