Did you know Amazon has an amazing fashion website?  From designer dupes to the real thing, it’s the first place I go to when I’m looking for a deal or wanting to copy a designer look. I’ve pinned a lot of inspiration on my Pinterest board.

Just so you know, I’m not the only one who covets their relationship with Amazon Fashion.  Several bloggers I follow do an “Amazon Haul,” where they order clothes, shoes, and accessories….style their looks and then share their looks on their blogs.  My favorite is “Life by Lee”….because I would actually wear some of the looks she styles. BTW…she’s a Texas girl!

I love how Lee styles a long camel vest over black slacks and a long sleeve white V-neck t-shirt.  A great look for the office or a board meeting. And after hours, switch out the t-shirt for a black camisole for drinks and dinner.  She features the black slacks with two different checked blazers….a large window pane check and a hounds tooth….loving her double-duty styling!    

If you are wondering what I’ve purchased from Amazon, here’s my list:  a bamboo ark bag, a mid-century bamboo basket bag, a 3-coin pendant necklace, an initial necklace, and a GG pearl belt….just to name a few.  The fun part for me is when someone compliments my look and seeing the surprised look on their face when I say….“It’s from Amazon!”

You’ve heard the expression, “go big or go home”….right?  That’s a great way to describe the super-sized pearl necklace I recently purchased.  I can’t take credit for the way I’m styling it because I stole my look from Pinterest…wearing it with a blazer, button-down, and jeans.  Another “go big” look from Amazon is their oversized turtleneck. They offer it in 10 solid colors and 7 striped versions!

Something else you need to know about Amazon Fashion, they sell designer and name brands as well.  Just go to “search” and type in the brand or designer name to see if they have what you are looking for.  With designers like Steve Madden, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch, they offer everything from clothes to accessories.  And the best part, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, shipping is free and your items are typically delivered in one to two days.  How amazing is that?

 So there you have it….Holley’s guide to Amazon Fashion.  The challenging part will be sorting through the thousands of items, so be specific when you are searching for a particular product.  And if you need help, message me!  

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, closet organization and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest. Contact Holley at [email protected].