“Whoa, oh, oh, oh…oh, oh, oh”!  Okay….I’m challenging you to bring out your inner-Beyoncé.  That’s right ladies…it’s time to add a little “jingle” to our holiday style! 

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Does all dressed up and no place to go ring some “jingle” bells?  No problem, because I’ve got a few ideas for you….even if you are dancing alone in your living room.  Faux leather leggings are perfect for living room choreography.  Just add a long sweater, blazer, or flowy blouse.  Nordstrom Rack offers moto leggings in eight fabulous colors, and their joggers make for a comfy option.  Everybody dance now!!!

Remember when you were a kid singing in front of a mirror using your hairbrush for a microphone?  Here’s my “adult” idea…invite your girlfriends to a karaoke Zoom party, and be sure to add Beyoncé’s greatest hits to your playlist!  Skinny jeans paired with over-the-knee boots will have you rocking all night long.  We’re loving all the ways style influencer, Fashion Jackson, styles over-the-knee boots.  Did I hear someone say…“drop the mic”? 

  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping you are able to spend time with family during the holidays!  You’ll definitely need a warm coat when “dashing through the snow” to a family get-together.  So what would Beyoncé wear?  I’m thinking a white puffer or a fabulous faux fur!  We’re loving a stunning selection of white coats and jackets from Bloomingdales and Dillard’s on our Pinterest board.  And don’t you think Dillard’s Gallery faux fur coat has “Queen Bey’s” approval?

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“Cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!”  If your “nice list” has a little bling on it, you will want to direct Santa to Kate Spade and BaubleBar.  We’re smitten with Kate’s sequin iPhone 11 pro max case….ring-a-ling bling!  And without question…you’ll feel like a celebrity A-lister donning her brilliant baguette ring!  If you want to be the shining star at a holiday party…show off in a pair of Callisto drop earrings from Bauble Bar!  

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“Whoa, oh, oh, oh…oh, oh, oh!  All the “jingle” ladies…put your hands up!!!”

Holley Williams is a personal stylist specializing in closet inventory, seasonal shopping, and wardrobe consultation.  Be sure to check her Holley Williams Style on Pinterest.  Contact Holley at [email protected].