I had a fun work weekend taking a group of ladies to Fredericksburg for a wine tasting.  Did you know Fredericksburg is in the Top 10 Best Places in the WORLD for wine tasting?  We visited alot of great wineries and I came home with several bottles to enjoy during the holidays.

One of the places I really like to make sure I stop into is the Wildseed Farm. Fields of cosmos and sunflowers greeted us as we pulled in.  In addition to an extensive nursery of fall flowers and a gift shop, they had a wide selection of pumpkins to choose from.  I wanted to share some snaps of the newest varieties of pumpkins out there.  I love seeing a twist on the traditional pumpkin.




Red Warty Hubbard


I forgot to snap what variety this was. I love the shape and colors!


Porcelain Doll Rascal


Knuckle Head


Cheddar Variety. Reminded me of a box of cheese nips.


I picked these up at Sprouts. I love the stripes on on the smaller one.

I am really into grey and white pumpkins this year.  Don’t you know there is a farmer out there scratching his head and telling his wife…”you know that mistake crop of white pumpkins…well I’ll be darned if they aren’t our best sellers now.”