Wednesday’s is for short, but sweet, something to share.  Let’s talk about sugar.  Specifically, the sugar you offer your guests for their tea or coffee.

cream-and-sugar-bowlStart with the basics…when was the last time you washed your sugar bowl?  Do you have one? There are so many options in every single store you shop. Look at this precious sugar and creamer set from World Market.

You can even put your sugar in a mason jar to keep it fresh. Mason jars are such a versatile vessel for everything from lemonade to salad.  Why not make it into a sugar jar!


fill a small mason jar with sugar cubes

What sugar do you offer?  Well, you might say just plain white sugar. That’s okay, but how about sugar cubes?  My little niece, Violet, squealed with delight the time she discovered I keep a beehive dish filled with sugar cubes. Sometimes it’s the simple things that delight a person the most.


raw, turbinado sugar

I use raw, turbinado sugar in my coffee which has a nice, molasses flavor.

If your guests like artificial sweeteners, offer a variety of them in a container, like another mason jar.

Here’s another fun, seasonal touch for adding a little sweetness, flavored syrups.  I really like Torani brand and of course it comes in a pumpkin pie flavor, regular and sugar free.


Torani syrups — Sugar-free and regular

Keep it sweet, sugar!