steamerAbout a year ago, I jumped shipped on ironing and invested in a steamer. It has changed my world.

I purchased the Rowenta 1550 Upright Garment Steamer from QVC (it’s on clearance right now). I have this in my closet and since it’s on wheels I can move it out of the closet to my bedroom if I have several pieces of clothing I want to do at one time.

There are a few reasons I decided to use a steamer…it’s easier on your fabric especially things like silk.  The steam helps to freshen my garment.  I don’t get the water stain from the iron when it leaks water (Ugh).  And it’s super fast, taking only one minute to warm up and no ironing board to put up and down. I pull something from my closet rack, hang it on the steamer, steam the wrinkles out and done.


It’s a breeze when I need to get wrinkles out of sleeves or pant legs. Because it has a built in wardrobe, you can hang a coat or blouse on the top and steam it.  It comes with clips for pants and a pull down valet to help you steam from both sides.

So, while I still have my iron and ironing board waiting in the wings just in case, if my great relationship with Mr. Steamer continues…the iron and I will be breaking up.