IMG_1238At my blogging conference, they encouraged when you write to be real.  So, this is me being real. This is not a pretty post. This is a gross post.  But the reality is if you have pets, especially dogs, you are going to have pet stains. It’s my least favorite thing about having dogs.  Cats tend to “revisit” their food, so there’s that.  BTW…why am I the only one in the house that sees that stains?  My co-hosts walk right by them, “oh, I didn’t see that.”

Here’s my step-by-step trick for removing pet stains.  It all starts with plain, white vinegar and good old baking soda.  I buy both in bulk at Costco.  I fill a spray bottle with vinegar and keep a smaller container of baking soda (the bulk bag is like a big flour-sized bag, I fill up my container and keep the rest in the garage) on the shelf in the laundry room with a roll of paper towels.  If I find an accident, I can quickly get my supplies.


Yes, here it is.  In all it’s glory. Urine.  We all have it, but some of us use the toilet or go in the grass.  Once you find the unsightly scene, spray the affected areas with a good dose of vinegar until it’s pretty damp.

Sometimes, you can just let it sit for a few minutes then blot it up with paper towels (be sure to have a plastic grocery bag or trash bag on hand for the used paper towels).  But, if you want to make certain to get the stain all the way out and deodorize the mishap, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the stain.


As soon as the baking soda hits the vinegar it will have a chemical reaction and start to bubble and fizz.  This is the mighty baking soda kicking into action.  If you can, it’s best to let the baking soda do its work overnight until dry.


The next day it will be a dry powder.  I sweep it up with a brush and dust pan.  It’s best to do this first to get the excess up before you vacuum so you aren’t filling the vacuum canister with excess baking soda.  It will be more solid since it’s soaked up the vinegar and stain.


This is what’s left…


Now you can vacuum over the area.


There you go.  Clean and smells fresh.  I’ve had success doing this with “revisited” food and spills.  I also use baking soda in my washer.  I put about 1/4 cup full in the detergent dispenser, a few drops of essential oil, then throw a laundry detergent pod into the washer.  It’s great for whites and towels and clothing that needs a boost of fresh.  The bonus is it also keeps your washer from smelling.

So, there’s your Wednesday Weave.  Let me know if you try this trick!