Day Designer

One of my favorite tools for staying organized, especially when I am planning my blog posts, is my Day Designer by Whitney English. It’s not only pretty on the outside with gold hardware corners, but the inside has all sorts of great features like daily goals, planning sheets, to-do lists and daily inspirational quotes.  I took it with me to my blogging conference recently and filled the empty pages with notes I took from the workshops I attended.  So, all my blogging tools are in one place.

During one of my evening Pinterest searches, I came across a beautiful list from Day Designer “50 Best Practices for Living a Well-Designed Life.” I’ve only shared the top five tips.  If you want the entire list visit here.

2016-08-30 (3)

I mean, if you only did the top five, you’d have an awesome day.  On the rest of the list, I thought I’d share the tips I can use the most:

Ask for Help When you Need It — Sounds so simple, yet why is it hard!

Take a Detox bath once a week with Epsom Salt — This is coming up on a blog story.  Mother always had several cartons of these salts on hand.  I thought they were just for old people.  Wrong.  This is good stuff.

Don’t try to strengthen your weaknesses.  Big.  Big. Big.

Go for experiences, not things.

Write at least one thank-you note a week on real stationary, not an email.

Change your thoughts if you want to change your life.  Big. Big. Big

I challenge you to print the list, put it somewhere you will see it and check off the things you can try, maybe for the first time.  It may be life changing.  Thank you Day Designer for sharing it with us.