30 days

I discovered 30 Days of Lists when I was looking through Instagram one day.  It’s a semi-annual journaling challenge for people who love to make lists.  Through this process the facilitators, Kam and Amy, encourage and challenge followers that you CAN journal something everyday.  Wait. Don’t leave!  I know there are people reading this who “don’t journal.”  You’re probably the very same people who a have a stack of pretty journals on the shelf, empty and unused.  I am one of those people.  I like to make grocery and to-do lists, but I have never been disciplined enough to write down my thoughts on a consistent basis.  I think this process offers a twist in the “dear diary” theory of journaling.

This challenge starts September 1 and everyday, for 30 days, you receive an email prompt with a question to answer.  There is a small fee of $10 to participate, but it comes with free printables, tutorials, discounts and access to their on-line community.  You take a super secret oath not to spoil the daily question before others around the world have the chance to check their emails.

As I was cleaning and organizing my home office, I came across the perfect, empty journal already on my shelf ready to go for day one — September 1.  Visit 30 Days of Lists to check out their site.  Maybe you can join me?  Plus, you can be my accountability partner that I follow through on the challenge.