Mr. Twist and I had a fun day date at Texas Tulips and I couldn’t wait to share all the details so you can plan to cut your tulips before their season ends.

Texas Tulips is an easy drive to Pilot Point just north of Dallas.  Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., we left home at 9 a.m. and easily missed the commuter traffic, arriving around 10:15. Since the day before was a balmy 96 degrees, we expected the day to be warm. Still, a cool front blew in (surprise, surprise), and I found the temps breezy.  So I recommend you have a light jacket in the car. Picking season begins at the end of February and through the end of March or early April – but remember, it’s all dependent on Texas weather – which we know is NOT dependable. You can also purchase tulip bulbs on their website to start your garden at home.

The fees are reasonable – Children under 12 are free, adults are $6, and veterans and seniors are $10, which includes four free tulips of your choice. After you check-in, grab a flower basket and start browsing for your favorite blooms. We did see a few experienced pickers brought flower buckets so the tulips had access to water while they roamed the flower fields.

There were rows and rows of tulip varieties, and after visiting with a few repeat visitors, they said the tulip show is even better in a few weeks closer to spring break. But you also have to take the chance of the crowds being heavier and the warmer temperatures impacting the tulips’ longevity. I’d prefer fewer to choose from and fewer crowds, so this was a perfect time for us to go.  We did see moms taking lovely photos with their children among the flowers. Photographers are welcome to meet clients with no appointment and a $25 fee.

Mr. Twist worked on selecting his bouquet for little Miss Twist, while I curated my selection.  After you finish picking your blooms, you visit one of the many wrapping stations to pick out your favorite tissue paper color while their helpful staff cut off the ends of the bulbs, remove the dirt, and preserve the stems with a gel additive to help your tulips stay fresh until you get home. They do remind you to rinse off the gel when you return home before placing the stems in a vase.

My vase found a happy home on our kitchen table. Such a bright and cheerful reminder of a truly farm-to-table experience! Be sure to make a trip out to Texas Tulips!