I saw an idea on Pinterest for using baby oil gel to shave.  The pinner claimed it gives you the best shave ever.  I thought I’d give it a try.
The Pros:

  • I did feel like I got a close shave.  Because oil doesn’t lather like shaving cream, it was a little harder to shave my arm pits, but nevertheless it worked.
  • My legs felt really soft and moisturized afterward so much so that you don’t need to put lotion on your legs after you shower. 
  • Shaving cream can be irritating and the oil gel was definitely more forgiving.
  • You don’t use as much oil gel so. 


  • May clog your drain.  Mr. Bee has a thing about anything potentially clogging a drain — like bath salts, scrubs or oils.  If he knew I was using oil gel to shave, he might give me a frowny face.
  • A gross build up of oil and hair congeal (I think I dislike the word congeal as much as the “m” word) which causes your razor to clog up on the back.  You have to rinse out your razor in the shower stream to dislodge it, which means it potentially is dislodging in your hair.  Gah.

So, I think it’s a cross between fab and flub — would that be a flab?  If you could figure out a way to fix con #2, it might change my verdict to fab.