Let’s have a little fun today.  It’s Friday and I just ate a goat cheese and strawberry muffin from Central Market.  Here’s some fun Q&As about me.

Q.  You’ll always find ______in my refrigerator…

A.  Half and Half.  Must have it for my morning coffee

Q.  My favorite family recipe?

A.  Elizabeth Doyle’s chocolate cake.  We still don’t know who Mrs. Doyle is, but my mother and I have been making her cake for over 50 years.

Q.  My Guilty Pleasure…

A.  Naps.  I take them daily, even if it’s for 30 minutes.   I don’t feel guilty doing it, because my heart and mind need this rest everyday in order for me to function as Mrs. Twist.

Q.  The last thing I bought on-line?

A.  A vintage owl necklace from the 70s.

Q.  Household chore I enjoy?

A.  Laundry.  I love to do it.  Really.

Q.  Household chore I don’t like?

A.  Dusting.  It’s boring. Although I do like to clean my plantation shutters with a Swiffer — I can’t believe the amount of dust it picks up!  I’m thinking “no wonder I wheeze and sneeze!”

Q.  Favorite Family Ritual

A.  Sunday church and lunch afterward.  Also we try to sit down for dinner most every night of the week and ask Miss about her day.  Teens loves this…

Q.  If there were an extra hour today I would…

A.  Take a longer nap.  I’m serious about my naps. I even have nap pjs.

Q.  In my beauty bag?

A.  Lipstick, Josie Maran Argan Oil, and handcream

Q.  I drive…

A.   A mom van and I don’t care who knows it.  It hauls all my stuff.

Q.  How did I ever live without…

A.  I could say something like my husband, child, pets…but really it’s my phone.

Q.  I stay fit by…

A.  I ebb and flow with an exercise routine.  My trainer (and great friend) Jess moved away and when she did I lost my interest in working out.  But, since December I have found a new trainer, Matt, and I have discovered that I like Pilates (mainly because my butt feels good afterward and it’s only 45 minutes long…)

Q.  My favorite board game…

A.  Clue.  I always want to be Mrs. Peacock

Have a fab Friday!