I am really excited to share with you the Twelve Days of Treats project!  Christmas is six weeks away, and I will be sharing two recipes for treats each week leading up to December 25.  Many of these recipes are from my personal recipe collection, and some are recipes I have found on Pinterest or from a magazine.  All have been tested and approved from my Hive – Mr. Bee and Miss Bee are thrilled I am doing this so they can serve as quality assurance!

Why am I doing this?  I believe every single person on your gift list would love to receive the gift of food.  The time you spend in the kitchen in your own home lovingly preparing and packaging a treat for your neighbor, hairstylist, postman, co-worker, friend, or Bible study leader is so much more meaningful than driving around town finding the perfect gift – when the perfect gift comes from your heart and hands.

I’ll be sharing creative and simple ways to package your treats, sharing downloadable recipe cards and photos, and links to resources.  Think of me as your celebration of treats concierge!  Maybe you already have a great collection of treats and this will inspire you to #bakedontbuy.

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Happy baking!