Pjs, hot coffee and a great magazine = perfect Saturday morning

The premier issue of the Magnolia Journal arrived in my mailbox on Friday.  This is another labor of love from Chip and JoAnna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame.  I restrained myself to save it for Saturday morning coffee on the patio.  My friend Susan suggested I share my review.   I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I will just share a few things I really liked about the magazine.

cottage-livingFirst, about 10 years ago or longer, there was a publication from the editors of Southern Living magazine called Cottage Living.  I loved that magazine because the articles were relatable with ideas I could duplicate pretty easily on my own.  Sadly, that magazine is no longer in circulation.  The Magnolia Journal reminds me a lot of what I miss in a magazine — beautiful photography and articles that are relevant to my style of entertaining and hospitality.  Something I can read cover to cover and not skip through.

Second, I love the paper it’s printed on – a thicker, non-slick paper similar to Real Simple magazine.  For me, it makes it more like a collectible, something you’d keep on the coffee table.


If you’ve ever visited the Magnolia Market in Waco, you’ve noticed the special Gaines touches everywhere — from the people that greet you when you come into the store, to the landscape, to the signage and the vintage trolley car that will take you to your car.  They did not disappoint with the thank you note and “Bless your Garden” embedded seed card lovingly tucked into the binding as you turn the first page of the magazine.

This issue is dedicated to the upcoming holiday season with lots of wonderful recipes, gift guides, lovely stories of family gatherings, and tips and ideas for curating memorable moments.

I ordered my copy on-line through Magnolia Market and I’m glad I did because I have not found it locally.  Yearly subscriptions are available on-line as well — $20 for 4 issues (once per quarter), or $30 for a 2-year subscription.  However, the premier issue is not included.  A subscription would make a perfect Christmas gift.

One last spoiler:  Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout, something I adore.  So, I will leave you with this final note which I think sums up the message of all that Chip and JoAnna have worked hard to gift us with…

“Let not the emphasis of hospitality lie in bed and board; but let truth and love and honor and courtesy flow in all the deeds.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson